August 2018 Sephora Haul

Hello, lovelies!

After receiving Sephora gift cards for my birthday earlier this month, I was excited to try some new products. I’ll share the items I ordered, and a little bit about my online ordering experience!

My Online Ordering Experience

This was the first time I’ve ordered products from Sephora’s website. To my delight, my ordering and shipping experience was quick and easy! I placed my order on a Sunday evening and my package arrived in the mail on Wednesday afternoon. I would definitely order online again.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

The main reason I placed a Sephora order was to purchase Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina eyeshadow palette. This palette is the newest in the brand’s collection, and it contains a beautiful combination of pastel, bold and shimmering shades. After two uses, I enjoy how pigmented and blendable the shadows are.

Tarte Hamptons Weekender Contour Palette

I don’t own any palettes that contains a blush, bronzer and highlighter. I decided to pick up the Hamptons Weekender Palette from Tarte, which is a blush, bronzer, and highlight palette. The pans are small but the products are quite pigmented. It will be an ideal product to travel with next month. I tested each shade in the palette yesterday and love it already.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

I love this cult-favourite setting powder from Laura Mercier! I ordered a travel-sized version of the translucent powder to try, and it effortlessly sets my makeup without leaving shine or residue. It feels silky and also brightens underneath my eyes.

Olehenriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer Sample

I’m quite excited to try this moisturizer from Olehenriksen! It’s a whipped, antioxidant-rich moisturizer that moisturizes, reduces dark spots and delivers radiance.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask Sample

I’ve always wanted to try a mask from Caudalie. The Instant Detox Mask is clay-based to reduce oil and detoxify. I like rotating clay masks into my skincare routine and will fully review this mask soon!

Chloe Perfume Sample

This travel-sized perfume is from Chloe’s Nomad collection. It contains warm floral notes, and hints of freesia. The scent is soft and floral.


REVIEW: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Hello, lovelies!

I recently received a sample of Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara with purchase at Sephora. I loved the sample of Urban Decay’s Troublemaker Mascara that I received earlier this summer and was excited to compare the two! Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara is creamy and volumizing while adding beautiful length to the lashes.

The Packaging

The mascara is packaged in a sleek black tube that bears the Urban Decay logo and the name of the mascara. It is lightweight and sophisticated. The purple lettering on the tube provides great contrast to the matte black colour of the tube.

The Formula

This mascara has a creamy formula, and the texture of the product feels comfortable on the lashes. It does not clump or smudge once applied. The mascara contains a blend of amino acids to stimulate lash growth, and honey to nourish the lashes. Unlike some mascaras that I’ve tried, Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara does not become flaky with wear. My favourite aspect of this mascara is that it only takes one coat to give my lashes volume and colour.

Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara is available in a standard black shade. I’ve already begun using this mascara daily, and adore the results. It retails for $30 at Sephora.

3 Ways to Get the Perfect Summer Glow with Highlighter

Hello, lovelies!

Highlighter is a perfect product to add a fresh, glowing finish to your skin. I love applying it in the summertime to enhance my tan. Here are three ways to achieve a summer glow with your favourite highlighter.

1. Apply your highlighter with the right tools

Highlight formulas are typically cream-based, powder-based or liquid. Each formula should be applied with a different tool to achieve a luminous finish. If you’re using a cream formula, it is best to warm the product with your fingertips then apply. Powder formulas apply smoothly with a fluffy or fan brush. If you have a liquid formula, press it into the skin with a damp beauty blender.

2. Apply your highlight strategically

Dab highlighter to your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and brow bone to achieve a highlight that will catch the light. If you don’t have your favourite highlight on hand, a dab of coconut oil applied to those places will do the trick!

3. Use powder to counteract too much shine 

Getting glitter-happy with your favourite highlighter happens to all of us. To tone-down an abundance of highlighter, dust contour powder over your highlighter for a subtle glow. Alternatively, you can also dust a dry brush across the skin after applying highlighter.

What are your favourite tips to achieve a summer glow? 

I Swapped My Moisturizer for Maracuja Oil for a Week

Hello, lovelies!

I recently received a sample of Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oil with purchase at Sephora. Maracuja oil is derived from the maracuja fruit, and contains vitamin C and essential fatty acids to moisturize and heal acne-prone skin. I decided to replace my usual moisturizer with maracuja oil for a week to find out how it would react with my dry, acne-prone skin.

How I used the maracuja oil 

I applied the maracuja oil each morning after cleansing my skin. Instead of applying my usual moisturizer, I let a few drops of maracuja oil dry into my skin. I applied the oil for seven days without using other moisturizing products in my skincare routine to determine the performance of the product.

The Results

After testing Tarte’s Maracuja Oil, I have mixed feelings. The oil felt soft and smooth on my skin. On days when the weather was warmer, the oil left a slight sheen on my skin – it absorbed, but not fully. About halfway through my moisturizer switch I noticed that my skin began to breakout. My skin is typically acne-prone, and while maracuja oil is helpful to heal acne, I believe that it added too much oil to my skin. Overall, if you have dry skin, I would recommend trying maracuja oil. For those of you with dry, acne-prone skin I would recommend testing the oil for 1-2 days to observe whether the oil may contribute to further breakouts. While I was excited to try an oil in my skincare routine, this challenge did not agree with my skin.

Have you ever tried a maracuja oil? What were your results? 

REVIEW: Dr. Brandt Pore Refiner Primer

Hello, lovelies!

I recently received a sample of Dr. Brandt Skincare’s Pore Refiner Primer with purchase at Sephora. I’ve used my beloved Smashbox primer for close to two years, so I was excited to try a new brand! This primer is useful for minimizing pores while creating a smooth base for makeup.

The Packaging

This product has a sleek and sophisticated appearance. The primer is packaged in a silver tube that bears the Dr. Brandt logo. I like that is lightweight, travel-friendly, and easy to use.

The Primer

The primer itself is tan-coloured with a faint silicone scent. when I first dispensed the primer, I feared that the product would appear tinted on my skin. To my delight, it applies translucent on the skin. It is lightweight and feels silky when applied. This is a great primer that smoothes, mattifies, and blurs imperfections. I love that this primer gives the added benefit of blurring imperfections while it primes. I have combination skin, and this primer helped to minimize my pores while reducing shine in my skin.

Overall, Dr. Brandt’s Pore Refiner Primer is a great primer to try if you are looking for a product that primes, reduces shine, and creates a matte effect on the skin. It retails for $55 at Sephora.

3 Creative Ways to Use Blush in Your Daily Beauty Routine

Hello, lovelies!

Blush is for more than just adding colour to your cheeks. There are multiple ways to add blush to your daily makeup routine. A beautiful blush shade is a versatile for the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Turn your favourite shade into a nail polish colour 

Crush a small amount of blush to turn it into a powder before mixing it into transparent nail polish. After adding the blush, shake the nail polish bottle well to blend the colour. Apply it to your nails the same way as other nail polishes.

Blend out tan lines

Do you have any unwanted tan lines? To cover (or blend out) tan lines, dip a large, fluffy brush into a light blush shade. Blend the blush into your skin to block out tan line.

Create a monochromatic colour palette 

Blush is an ideal tool for creating a monochromatic makeup look. With just one product, you can add more vibrance to your face. Apply your favourite shade of blush to the eyes, lips, and cheeks for monochromatic makeup. I like to create this look with peach or pink blush.

3 Different Instagram Strategies You Need to Try

Hello, lovelies!

Picture this: You’re posting great photos, interacting with your followers, and using all the right hashtags but your engagement, likes, and followers dwindle with each post you share. Instagram can seem frustrating, but here are three unique strategies to improve your Instagram game.

Stop posting so often 

This may seem counterintuitive, but posting less often will help your engagement increase. If you have a good post, it’s a good idea to leave it up for a 1-2 days to help it gain more interaction. I typically post once a day to let each post ‘breathe.’

Collaborate with others 

One great way to expand your reach is to collaborate with other accounts. Collaborating with brands, whether through a sponsorship or partnership, will help expose your account to new followers. If your account is in a niche (for example, beauty or fashion) collaboration lets you connect with other accounts who share content like yours.

Engage with your followers

In the new Instagram algorithm, engagement is a key consideration when determining how many people the post is shown to. The more engagement a post has, the more people will see the post in their feed. My favourite way to engage with my followers is to like and comment on new photos.

What are your favourite Instagram strategies? 

REVIEW: Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

Hello, lovelies!

Tatcha launched The Deep Cleanse earlier this year. I bought the product this summer while searching for a new cleanser. Not only is this cleanser unique, but it’s done a wonderful job of clearing my skin!

The Packaging

I have mixed feelings about the packaging of this cleanser. The bottle is a beautiful Tiffany-blue with gold lettering. It is lightweight and feels quite luxurious. However, the bottle does not have a dispenser, and it is difficult to dispense a small amount of product.

The Cleanser

The gel cleanser contains Luffa fruit exfoliants that cleanse and refine the skin. The cleanser is pale yellow and contains small flecks of fruit exfoliant. The cleanser feels soft and cooling when applied to the skin, and the fruit exfoliants are not abrasive. It is a balm-to-oil texture cleanses the skin while retaining moisture. The cleanser is wonderful for reducing acne blemishes and unevenness. My skin has felt softer, smoother, and clearer since I introduced this cleanser into my skincare routine.

How to use it

Squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto wet hands and rub your hands. The cleanser will turn into a creamy foam. Gently massage into the skin and rinse. The product can be used 1-2 times per day.

Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse is a great daily cleanser to reduce dullness, acne blemishes, and uneven texture. It retails for $46 at Sephora.

A Comprehensive Guide to the 3 Types of Eyeshadow Primer

Hello, lovelies!

Any great eyeshadow look requires a solid primer. Eyeshadow primer is essential to keep your eyeshadow intact, prevent creasing, and enhance the colour of your shadows. There are various options for eyeshadow primers, and different methods to use your favourite primer.

How to use eyeshadow primer:

  1. Pat a small amount of your eyeshadow primer (or concealer!) onto your eyelid. For me, the most effective way to apply eyeshadow primer is with my fingertips, but it can also be applied with a brush.
  2. Allow the primer to dry
  3. Apply your desired eyeshadow colours

A Guide to Eyeshadow Primer:

Natural eyeshadow primer – Natural eyeshadow primer is the most common type. The formula applies clear, and doesn’t block out the natural colour of your eyelid. Natural eyeshadow primer creates a neutral base for eyeshadow, but it will not tint your eyelids.

Tinted eyeshadow primer – If you’re looking for an eyeshadow primer that creates a neutral base, you’ll want to try a tinted eyeshadow primer. My favourite tinted eyeshadow primer to use is Too Faced Shadow Insurance – it has a subtle beige tint that erases the natural colour of my eyelid. This helps when applying colourful or smoky eyeshadows.

Glitter eyeshadow primer – This type of primer is ideal for pairing with glitter eyeshadows. This primer is specifically designed to prevent glitter from flaking while still providing the benefits of a regular primer. This primer formula will apply clear.

Erin Angela’s Latest Sephora Haul: Summer Edition

Hello, lovelies!

I recently purchased a new foundation from Sephora, and while shopping, added a few new items into my cart. Here’s a peek at the summer edition of my Sephora haul!

Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation

I switch foundations each summer and winter. I previously used Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup, but wanted a new foundation with more coverage. I bought Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation after being colour-matched in store, and absolutely love it! The foundation is lightweight, but provides medium-to-full coverage with one swipe. Stay tuned for a full review, but it’s a holy-grail product for me so far!

Sephora’s 2018 Beauty Insider Birthday Gift: Bite Beauty

I redeemed my birthday gift with this trip. This year, I selected the birthday gift set from Bite Beauty. This set contains a sample sized Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Chai, a mini Lip Crayon in Glace, and a sample of the Agave Lip Balm. I’ve worn the lipstick a few times, and it is a beautiful mauve-brown colour.

Tarte Creaseless Under Eye Concealer

I’ve always wanted to try Tarte’s infamous Shape Tape Concealer, however it has never been available in Canadian Sephora stores. When my local Sephora debuted Tarte’s Creaseless Under Eye Concealer, it was a perfect time to try it. This concealer is thick, but provides incredible coverage of dark spots and blemishes. I like that it is creamy without feeling watery or stiff.

What items have you purchased from Sephora lately?