Tips and tricks for clear skin

Hi everyone! I’ve created the following post based on my own skin and skincare routine. Each skin type may not require the same products as another.

My skin:

I have dry skin – it often feels tight and is easily irritated. My skin is less-prone to breakouts than it used to be. When I do get them, they often appear in my t-zone (forehead, cheeks and chin – it forms a T!).

My daily routine:

I’ve tried countless products to tame my breakouts – from Proactiv to soap/water. Each of these products had varying results. Most products have been too harsh, others too mild. I  sought a product that kept my skin clear and soft. A simple drugstore product is my current-go to!

In the mornings, I like to keep my skincare routine simple and quick. I recently discovered Noxzema anti-blemish pads and hit the skincare jackpot. These pads are quick to use (ideal for anyone who is always in a rush in the mornings!) and keep my skin clear. Each pad contains salyclic acid. I always follow these pads with a dollop of moisturizer to keep my skin soft.

By the end of the day I, like many of you, am prone to forgetting to remove my makeup. (Who has the time when they’re exhausted?) To  remove makeup and dirt/oil, I use a moistened makeup remover wipe. No fuss, no mess!

Tips and tricks for clear skin:

  • Eating for clear skin. Diet has a major impact on our skin. Cutting back on sugar and eating nutrient-rich foods is vital to keeping skin bright. I’ve experienced this often – on days I load up on fruits, veggies and proteins my skin is smooth and clear. The opposite is also true – if the diet is full of sugary and salty foods, the skin tends to break out more.
  • Makeup removal. I know, I know, it’s not always easy to remember to remove makeup at the end of the day especially when all you want to do is sleep. Removing makeup is important to keep pores free of bacteria.
  • SPF. Sun protection is an important element when it comes to skincare. Sunscreen protects the skin from the suns rays, which can damage the skin. Some moisturizers available contain built-in SPF, cutting down on the extra step.
  • Makeup products containing salylic acid can help clear breakouts. My current foundation, by Clinique, is branded as an Acne Solutions product. It contains salylic acid to minimize and prevent breakouts! 




12 thoughts on “Tips and tricks for clear skin

  1. I have DRY skin also and finding the right skincare over the years has been challenging. So I know what you struggle with. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil and then just last year I tried REN Skincare (Clearcalm). The REN has worked wonders for me. I also like their clay for any breakouts I may have. My blog is about beauty products as well. If you would like to connect, just let me know.


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