Blogging: Organizing tips 


Upon beginning this blog, I realized organization would be crucial. Today, I’m sharing tips I use to keep organized:

  • Use an editorial calendar. An effective way to stay on-track with a blog is to use an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar can help you plan out posts, and which days certain topics will be published. An editorial calendar can be a paper calendar, or even the one on your phone or laptop! I use a paper calendar, but a number of plugins are available for WordPress. (e.g. Google calendar)
  • Blog consistently. Publishing a post on certain days of the week can help you get used to the routine of writing and publishing. I publish posts each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I find it helpful to complete most of my prep work for the week on Sunday nights!
  • Use tags: Using tags in posts organizes relate topics, and can help readers find certain posts. For example I will tag all my Sephora-related posts with the ‘sephora’ tag to categorize them.
  • Keep a notebook nearby. Sometimes I carry a physical notebook with me. Other times I use the Notes app on my phone. But, I always have one. Inspiration for a post can come from anywhere. Having a notebook on hand allows you to jot down notes whenever an idea strikes.

Whether you’ve been maintaining a blog for a while, or are just beginning, I hope these tips help!






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