REVIEW: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today’s product review features Clinique Acne Solutions liquid makeup. This foundation not only covers and conceals, but it also treats acne! This foundation contains salicylic acid to help control blemishes. The amounts of salicylic acid are small. The foundation should be used along with a face wash containing salicylic acid. According to Clinique’s website, this foundation is a “non-irritating oil free makeup that helps blend blemishes and neutralize redness.”


When applied to the skin, this foundation is lightweight. It blends well, and does not feel caked. I have tried foundations in the past that have melted off my skin by the end of the day. Clinique’s foundation stays in place until removed with makeup remover. This foundation is cooling and comfortable on the skin.

Clinique’s foundation is available in a 30 ml bottle. One of my favourite aspects of this foundation is the design of the bottle. The bottle has a fine nozzle tip, allowing the makeup to dispense only as needed.

Below are swatches of the foundation. This foundation has the texture of a lotion.


A great tip for choosing a foundation shade: Sephora stores offer a colour IQ service to help find the best shade for your skin. Clinique’s Acne Solutions liquid makeup is available in 11 shades. I use the shade Fresh Alabaster. This foundation is available on Sephora’s official website or from Clinique’s official website for $34 (Canadian).




4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

  1. great review! i love sephora’s skin IQ – it makes it so much easier to find the perfect shade 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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