Travel Essentials




Summer is a popular time to travel. I returned from Florida last month, and am heading to Montreal in two weeks! When traveling, there are certain items I always like to bring along. In today’s post, I’m sharing a peek at some of my travel essentials.

Kate Spade purse

This purse has become my go-to when traveling. The size is perfect for holding items, like my passport, and a book. It keeps everything in one place, and keeps my hands free. This purse is also ideal for shopping!


Makeup bag essentials

I like to keep my makeup bag as light as possible when travelling. I narrow my lipstick collection to three tubes – a red, a pink, and a burgundy. For my skin, I include concealer and foundation. I travel with my Naked II palette, as the case is less-prone to potential breaks than the Naked Smoky. Eyeliner and mascara are must-haves also.

As mentioned in my tips and tricks for clear skin post, I use Noxema anti-blemish pads to control blemishes. The container of pads is compact to travel with. I keep makeup wipes in my carry-on bag, and makeup bag, to remove any dirt and oil from my skin. These wipes are ideal after a long day of travelling.


Other crucial items in my carry-on include my cell phone, a notebook (or two!) and a neck-pillow for use during flights.

Will you be travelling anywhere this summer? Feel free to leave a comment!



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