Tips for applying liquid lipstick


Liquid lipsticks have become popular in the beauty world lately. Brands like Kat Von D beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills have liquid lipsticks in their collections. Liquid lipsticks are long-wearing and smudge-resistant. I hopped on the liquid lipstick bandwagon myself. In today’s post, I’m sharing tips for applying liquid lipstick. When first beginning to wear them, liquid lipstick application can be tricky.

Exfoliate: Liquid lipsticks always dry to a matte finish. This highlights any imperfections in the lip surface. Exfoliating before applying a liquid lipstick keeps the lips smooth, and application easier. Effective methods of exfoliating the lips are by using a lip scrub, or a lip balm. Most makeup stores carry lip scrubs. When in a pinch, mixing coconut oil and table sugar creates lip scrub paste!

Invest in a good makeup remover. Liquid lipsticks, once dry, can be difficult to remove. To help remove the lipstick, it is helpful to have a non-abrasive makeup remover on hand.

Application. An easy way to apply liquid lipstick is to outline the lips with the colour, then fill the lips in. This ensures precise colour application. To achieve an even layering of colour, it may take two applications. Applying thin layers ensures that the colour is distributed. If desired, deepening the colour is also done by applying more than one layer.

Friday’s post features an in-depth review of Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick. Stay tuned!

Do you have any tips for applying liquid lipstick that you swear by? Or a favourite liquid lipstick? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!




6 thoughts on “Tips for applying liquid lipstick

  1. When I first bought some liquid lipstick I found it really hard to use the applicator to outline the lips with it. A tip for anyone struggling, use a crease eyeshadow brush – the ones that are kind of short and stubby? They’re so easy to use for your outline and then you can go ahead with the applicator to fill in the rest! 🙂 xx


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