Tips for Creating a Smoky Eye


A smoky eye can add drama and intensity to any makeup look. It is versatile – lightened-up for a subtle daytime look, or built-up for a night out. Below I share tips I’ve learned, and experimented with, to create the smoky-eye effect!

Blend, blend, blend. Using a fluffy brush blends shadows together and buffs out any harsh lines. When blending the crease colour, using small circular motions helps smoke it out.

Use three similar-toned shadows to add depth and dimension. Grouping similar-toned shades together (for example, a white, grey and black) makes it easy to create a gradient of colour. Start by applying the darkest shadow to the crease. Follow with each lighter shadow. Apply the lightest shade to the outer corner.

Use an eyeliner pencil as a base. Smudging the liner into the lid acts as a base for the eye shadow. This trick intensifies the colour.

Don’t forget the lips. A variety of lipstick shades work well with a smoky eye.  A subtle nude lip softens the look, while a red lip adds another dimension.  I like to tone-down my smoky eye with a pale lipstick shade.

If you have any tips for creating a smoky eye, I’d love to hear about them!


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