The Modern Rules of Navigating the Dating Scene in Your 20s



Dating can be hard. For us Millennials (those of us in our 20s) it can be even harder. We face unique challenges, thanks to the rise of the digital era. To date, we must jump through hoops. In earlier generations, certain pressures were not as prominent. The stress of decoding a text message or creating online profiles did not exist. The rules are always changing.


He finally texted you back. Your fingers are itching to hit “REPLY”. According to dating logic, you must not reply immediately or else, you’ll seem desperate. And, whatever you do, you should not text first. Ascribing to these unwritten “rules” is difficult. It is hard to know whether it is acceptable to break these rules or not. From my own experience, I have often wondered if a notification serves as a sense of validation.

Online Dating

Websites like Match and eHarmony have gained popularity in recent years. Some of these websites may be suitable for finding a relationship. But, not every website will do the trick. More recently, apps such as Tinder have emerged. This has complicated dating even further. Most times, the main purpose of these apps are hook-ups. This complicates the task of finding a more long-term relationship.

Relationships v.s. Casual Hookups

Some in their 20s still seek casual hookups, while others want a serious relationship. It is helpful to know which end of the spectrum you wish to fall. Often, it is difficult to immediately distinguish who is seeking the same thing as you. This may not occur until the relationship has progressed. In the case of a casual hookup, you may not detect the intentions of a potential partner at all. This can complicate the task of distinguishing if a potential partner is on the same page as you. They may be, or they may seek a completely different type of relationship.

A question for my lovely readers: How have you navigated the challenge of dating as a Millennial? 


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