Tips to apply liquid eyeliner

Liquid liner tends to last longer, and has a stronger pigment, than other formulas. Liquid liners create a more defined look than pencil or gel. The task of beginning to use liquid liner can be daunting. Today I share tips to help you with liquid liner application.

Use a liner pen. Liquid eyeliner that comes as a pen, such as Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, is an easier place to start. The liner is a similar shape to pencil liners, and this makes them easy to handle and apply. Pen-shaped eyeliners often have a finer tip.

Apply eyeshadow first. If you are applying full eye makeup, applying the eyeshadow first acts as a base. It creates a dry base for the liner to adhere to.

Try using tape as a stencil to keep your hands free. Placing a piece of tape against your lower lash line, extending toward your temple, creates a clean line. This keeps your hands free.

Clean up the line. To erase any smudges, and define the line, soak a cotton ball in makeup remover and gently slide it along the wing. (This post by ELLE Magazine features pictorials to help with liner application.)

What are your favourite tips to apply liquid eyeliner? 



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