My Skincare Routine


Happy Monday, my lovely readers!

As a teenager, my acne and breakouts were minimal. Upon beginning university almost four years ago, the stress caused my skin to react. The number of breakouts I experienced seemed to double. Since then,  I tried a variety of different products, and routines. Only in the past little while have I narrowed down my routine to suit my face. It has taken trial and error to determine what works best.


Cleanse: I like to keep my routine minimal, to help save time during busy mornings. After rinsing my face with lukewarm water, I cleanse using Noxzema Anti-Blemish pads. These pads contain salicylic acid to help treat any breakouts.

Moisturize: I apply an Olay moisturizer. I am not picky over my moisturizers, so if it is not on hand, I use whichever one is available. Moisturizing is a crucial step following cleansing my skin. Anti-blemish pads are sometimes drying.


Makeup removal: Before I do anything else before bed, I remove my makeup. By the end of the day, I can become lazy with my skincare routine, and want something quick and simple. To remove my makeup at once, I use a makeup remover wipe.

Do you have a particular skincare routine you follow daily?



9 thoughts on “My Skincare Routine

  1. Your routine is so simple!!! For me:

    Morning: cleanse with moist facial wipe. I used to purchase expensive ones but now I just use the “exact” brand from dominion or Walmart.
    I then apply Clinique all about eyes roller, and use whatever moisturizer I have on hand. Right now I use dermalogica skin smoothing cream because I purchased a professional size lol ( joys of being an esthetician) and I’m actually quite sick of it. Aside from the expensive products that never get used, my favourite moisturizer has become johnsons baby lotion in the pink bottle. Since using this product, I’ve noticed a change in my skins clarity and tone.
    After that I spot treat with a Vichy normadern salicylic acid/dha gel in a cute little tube with a metal tip that is antibacterial. This product encases the blemish and dries to create a smooth seal to keep the medicine in. After that I apply a foundation primer and start my makeup.

    Nighttime: I am a shower girl! I cannot go to bed unless I shower so I take my makeup in there. Being getting in, I remove my eye makeup with Marcelle sensitive eyes remover so I can get the reside off in the shower and not come out with raccoon eyes. Then once in shower I use a generous amount of amore Pacifica cleansing oil on my dry face and circle around my skin till the product starts to tug, then add water and emulsify and rinse ( this product is amazing and gently removes any makeup). I then use Peter Thomas Roth’s Irish moor mud cleanser on my Mia 2 on the highest setting using the deep pore cleansing pad. As soon as I get out of the shower, I gently dry my face and immediately tone with Vichy normadern astringent and moisturize with either dermalogica or baby lotion.

    It’s not too complicated but it’s working wonders for me. I’m 30 but my skin is still 20ish

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