Tips for Applying Facial Makeup


A variety of methods work well to apply facial makeup, whether it is a brush, a sponge, or your fingertips. Each method results in a different degree of coverage.


After brushing concealer into the areas you wish to cover, pat it into place to allow it to set.


Your skin type should determine what foundation you use. Powders work best with oily skin whereas liquid foundation works best with combination skin. To prevent foundation from drying, dispense it onto the back of your hand and blend into the skin. This is helpful when blending two foundation shades. When applying foundation, the best method is to start in the t-zone and blend outward.


Applying a pressed powder to the face following foundation helps it set on the skin. Powder also helps reduce shine and redness. If using powder on the entire face, a medium-sized makeup brush helps cover each area. For covering specific areas of the skin, a sponge or the fingertips is most effective.


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