10 Tips for Staying Organized in University



Use a single calendar. Colour-coding a single calendar with due dates, extra-cirricular activities and personal dates (i.e. birthdays, social events) ensures all important dates are visible. Writing all due dates for the semester on the first day of lectures is a trick I use to sketch out the semester for myself.

Separate and organize course materials. Whether you track your course work electronically or on paper, keeping related materials together keep them organized.

Get a planner. Planners offer monthly, weekly and/or daily views. Write out important due dates and reminders to keep yourself on-track with the semester.

Label all sets of notes. When the time comes to study for an exam, having notes labelled and dated allows you to locate specific topics.

Tidy up your study space. Place your calendar in clear view to reference due dates for the month. Dedicating specific areas of your desk for study materials allows for access when needed.

Time management is key. This is important whether you take courses online or on campus. Set aside a specific time of day to review daily lecture notes and to plan ahead for the upcoming week. Managing your time allows you to divide your tasks into sections.

Colour code your courses. Using a separate colour scheme for each course keeps material organized and visible.

Maintain self-care. Staying organized is not simple if you are mentally drained. Take time to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and exercise. Motivating yourself to stay organized is easier if you have high energy levels.

Start early. Many of us procrastinate. Better work quality results if you begin readings and assignments early. Separating work into manageable chunks may decrease stress levels, especially as due dates approach.

Create a filing system. If you are taking courses with many readings, having file folders for all relevant course readings is helpful when the time comes to study for an exam or write a paper.





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