Tips to Clean Makeup Brushes


Your collection of makeup brushes may include contouring brushes and blush brushes. But, did you know that cleaning your brushes should be a part of your regular beauty routine? Makeup residue, dirt, and oil can become trapped in the bristles. This contributes to pesky breakouts.

Daily: Use a brush cleaning solution

Keeping brushes clean is a quick process. Spraying a brush cleaning solution on brushes after each use ensures they are free of residue.

Weekly: Time for a deep clean

On a weekly basis, brushes should be thoroughly cleaned. Warm water removes residue. Swirl brushes in a soap and water solution to clean them. Run the bristles under warm water and wipe clean with a cloth to reshape the bristles. Laying brushes flat keeps the bristles shaped.

Squeeze out excess water

You should remove excess water from the bristles before leaving them to dry. This will also prevent brushes from losing shape once they dry.

Do you have any tips you swear by to clean makeup brushes? If so, leave a comment below! 





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