REVIEW: M.A.C. Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Finishing powder sets makeup and reduces the appearance of pores. While at the M.A.C. store in Montreal, I searched for a product to set my foundation. I have heard of, but not tried, finishing sprays but decided to stick to a powder.

This finishing powder is available in both a non-pressed and pressed finish. The transparent finish makes it suitable for all skin tones. My skin is a paler shade, and I sometimes have difficulty finding powders that are fair enough for my skin tone.

The Packaging

M.A.C.’s finishing powder comes in the company’s signature black, glittery case. The product comes as a compact that is lightweight and portable.

The Product

This powder is transparent, meaning it does not produce colouring on the skin. It has a fine texture, and does not feel loose or caked. It sets into foundation without leaving residue. The powder is lightweight and wears comfortably.

M.A.C.’s Prep+Prime Finishing Powder is ideal for setting facial makeup, and reducing shine. It adds an extra layer of protection to foundation.

This powder is available from M.A.C.’s official website or in store for $38.


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