5 Tips to Wake-Up Refreshed

5 Tips to Wake Up Refreshed


Simple steps done in the night and morning will help you wake refreshed.


Water should be the last thing you drink at night and the first thing you drink in the morning. Drinking enough water daily will improve your complexion. Drinking water increases your energy and reduces fatigue.

Exfoliate & Remove Makeup

Giving your face a scrub with an exfoliating cleanser freshens your skin and removes dirt and oil. Removing makeup is a crucial step to keep skin free of dirt, oil and makeup. If you let your face breathe while you sleep, your face will appear brighter and refreshed in the A.M.


Fresh air can wake you up fast when you feel groggy. The more you exercise, the more energy you will have. You become fitter and healthier when you have more energy.

Find your morning ritual

Having a routine gives you something to look forward to in the mornings. Take time out of the morning to do something that you want to do. Whether it takes 5 minutes or an hour out of your morning, it makes a difference. Engaging in an activity that calms you and helps you refocus for the day ahead.

Get a dose of sunlight

The saying “rise and shine” exists for a reason – getting sun in the morning helps you feel awake. Letting extra light into your home in the morning sends a signal to your internal body clock that it is time to wake up.

What tricks do you use in the morning to wake feeling refreshed?img_2190-2


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