Tips: Creating a Blogging Schedule


Blogging takes time and planning. Creating a blog schedule will help you publish posts on a consistent basis. Pre-planning the topic/content of posts enables you to manage and distribute your time between each post.

1) Create an editorial calendar

Creating an editorial calendar for your blog helps you avoid the stress of coming up with a blog idea on the spot. Scheduling the post content, and the date of the post, you will gain a bigger picture of the goals for your blog. A schedule helps you maintain multiple topics at the same time.

2) Set aside time each week to plan and write posts

Set aside a specific time during the week to plan the topics of your post, then write them during a different block of time. This can be accomplished in chunks, or in one sitting. I plan my posts when inspiration strikes, but I write and edit my posts for the upcoming week during the Sunday of that week.

3) Dedicate a day of the week for specific content

Posting a specific type of content on a certain day helps achieve consistency among your blog posts. I reserve Monday for lifestyle posts, Wednesday for tips, and Friday for product reviews. Scheduling and publishing content on a specific day helps maintain flow and creativity.

4) Schedule small, daily tasks

Thinking about the tasks you wish to accomplish may feel overwhelming. By compartmentalizing these tasks into smaller objectives, the stress will melt. You should choose a small number of tasks to complete each day. These smaller tasks all contribute to the bigger picture you wish to accomplish.

Reader question: If you blog, how do you like to schedule your posts?




6 thoughts on “Tips: Creating a Blogging Schedule

  1. I’ve been wanting to start doing drafts to post when on my posting days – but I’ve found that when you post from drafts, say like the next day, the time of posting says 24hours ago? So my regular readers don’t see it? I had to repost as no one was seeing it 😦 do you know how to stop this? x


    1. When you click the edit button, there should be a section labelled “Published On”. You can click that and change the date the post is published. You can edit using that button to select a date in the future.


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