My Top Beauty Hacks

From hair to makeup, shortcuts will exist to save you time and energy. Beauty hacks are inexpensive, easy, and effective.

Below, I share the hacks I swear by:

1. Vaseline as a makeup remover – Vaseline is not only a moisturizer. It is also helpful to remove long-wearing or matte lipstick. Apply to the lips for 4-5 seconds, then remove with a damp cloth. This trick works for me in a pinch after I apply long-wearing lipsticks!

2. Dry nail polish by soaking fingertips in ice water – I use this hack often. Fill a bowl with ice water, and soak your nails after painting them. The cold water sets the paint and dries it faster.

3. White eyeliner as an eyeshadow base – Applying white eyeliner to the lid acts as a neutral base for the shadow, and increases it’s vibrancy.

4. Apply tape to the lid to create a sharper eyeliner wing – A straight edge guides the shape of the liner. I often use tape or a ruler to guide my eyeliner for a flawless application. This trick saves time on busy mornings.

5. Apply red lipstick on busy mornings. Red is my most trusted shade. The colour pulls together any outfit or makeup look. The same is true on busy mornings. If you’ve overslept and have no time for makeup, swiping on a red lipstick amplifies your features.


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