Photography Tips for Bloggers

Photography is an important aspect of a blog. Virtually every blogging platform makes it easy to upload and share photos.

iPhone photography – A variety of apps are available to brighten, and edit photos. Instagram, for example, has a built-in brightening feature. These apps help boost the aesthetic appeal of photographs.

Adjust the lighting – Lighting is important for composing a clear, crisp image. Good lighting is not only flattering, but it gives the opportunity for colourful editing. A suggestion I often use is to take my photographs with natural light, or optimally, facing a window. Natural light often boosts the intensity of the colours in your photograph.

Find the right angle – When taking photos, adjust the angles used to determine which is most flattering. The angle used decides what elements are in the photo frame, and which are not. Using different angles adds an element of creativity to photos.

When in doubt, snap the photo – Sometimes the most unlikely moments make great photographs. Untimely photographs make for great candid shots!

Editing – The internet features various free editing apps. These apps brighten, crop, and adjust photographs. These editing apps are ideal to make any adjustments. You should try to keep the photograph as natural as possible.



3 thoughts on “Photography Tips for Bloggers

  1. Nice one here, there is this app am using to edit pictures for my blog, it’s snapseed, you can check it out, it also adjusts white balance.


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