My Top Social Media Websites

Social media is a valuable tool to connect with others and share snapshots of your life. As a blogger, I use social media outlets as a source of connection.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a tool for social engagement. Instagram offers a medium to connect with followers, and follow others in your social circles or niches. I use it to share snapshots from my life, and provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at my blogging routines that are not otherwise viewable from my blog platform.

2. Pinterest

I am fairly new to Pinterest. I began using it to share blog posts, and my favourite makeup products. Pinterest provides a visual representation to share interests and ideas. Pinterest is an effective medium to promote blog posts, and other websites you may be interested in. After stumbling upon Melyssa Griffin’s Infinite Growth course, I began to use Pinterest for these particular reasons.

3. Facebook

I use Facebook primarily to stay connected with friends and family. This connectivity makes it an effective tool for communicating life events and celebrations.

4. Twitter

Twitter offers opportunity to post blog links, while driving traffic through use hashtags. I use it primarily to connect with my blog readers, and to post quick updates.

What are your favourite social media websites? If you wish to connect with me through any of these sites, check out my social media page!


3 thoughts on “My Top Social Media Websites

  1. I really like pinterest persoanlly but for my blog I’ve liked fb the most. I created a group to act as a community for others in my niche (potential /readers followers) and that has so far been the biggest referrer for my blog and I can inteact so much more. I JUST signed up for instagram and twitter after starting my blog and those have been fun to learn. I really like them to connect with other brands/blogs/companys. Thats been fun an exciting. 🙂


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