Adore Me Collaboration || What’s Your Fall Look?

I write this post in collaboration with Adore Me. Adore Me is a New York-based company that sells affordable lingerie. This post features a peek into how I adapted my summer palette to accommodate Fall trends.

As the temperature drops, I adapt my makeup routine. Moisturizer becomes a staple in my makeup kit to combat harsh, drier weather. I often pair a subtle smoky eye with a bold lip. I wear black mascara year-round, but intensify it during the fall by applying an extra coat to my lashes. I swap bright lip colors in favour of berry, dark red, and mauve lipstick shades. I prefer lipsticks with a matte-finish during the fall and winter months. I exfoliate my lips more often to accommodate the matte finish.

Products Used

Clinique Dramatically Different Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

Mary Kay concealer

M.A.C. Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Smashbox Always Sharp Kohl Liner

Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette

Benefit Cosmetics Ka-Brow

Smashbox Full-Exposure Mascara

Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick

Makeup is one step in creating your perfect Fall look. AdoreMe makes it easy to find your favourite lace panties and sleepwear.  The company offers a range of colour options and styles. Adore Me currently your first set for $19.95, plus free shipping and exchanges. To stay updated and inspired, AdoreMe is also on Instagram!


REVIEW: Clean Reserve Perfume

Using fragrance is one of the most personal ways to prepare for a day or night out. Fragrance is adaptable to suite your outfit, personality, or mood. I received a sample of this perfume with a Sephora sale, and it instantly became a favourite of mine. This prompted me to buy the full-sized bottle. The fragrance, called Sueded Oud, is part of the Clean Reserve line of perfumes.

The Packaging 

The perfume packaging is simple, but beautiful. Both the sample-sized and full-sized bottles of this perfume are simple, clean, and crisp. The fragrance bottle is embossed with the word “Clean”. The packaging features a white background with clear lettering.

The Scent

Sueded Oud is a woody scent, with subtle floral notes. Core scent notes include: incense, honeysuckle. Scent notes from various trees, including birchwood and fir balsam, are present. The scent is crisp and bright, but contains a faintly musky scent.

The Perfume

The perfume itself dries in an instant.  The scent does not fade throughout the day. The intensity of the scent decreases with extended wear. Clean Reserve makes their perfumes  with raw, sustainable ingredients. The glass bottles contain 100% recycled materials.

This perfume was different from what I typically buy. I enjoy the sophistication of the scent. It was a perfect addition to my perfume collection, to contrast with the rosy, flowery perfumes I own.

Sueded Oud retails at Sephora for $125. The perfume bottle contains 3.4 oz of liquid. Clean Reserve offers a collection of 9 perfumes; in both travel-sized capsules and full-sized bottles.



Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement 

Strong Instagram engagement is useful for a many reasons. A strong engagement increases views and sales within your blog or business. Engagement also encourages a stronger community of readers; it is useful to connect you with other people in your niche.

1. Socialize

Connecting with users who comment on your posts and follow you encourages a greater level of engagement. Leaving genuine comments also encourages the other person to post more often. Socializing via comment pods within your niche offers a support resource.

2. Use hashtags 

Using hashtags increases potential viewership from users who do not follow you. Hashtags are a great way to discover new content. Hashtags increase the visibility of your photos, thereby increasing engagement. On the topic of hashtags: They should be used sparingly. Posting too many hashtags clutters the photo and creates distraction.

3. Post regularly 

It is not always easy to post consistently. Posting on a regular schedule signals that you are active within the Instagram community. I try posting as regularly as possible. I use an app called Later to schedule some of my posts. I often carve out a specific day of the week to photograph some of my photos and prepare them for the upcoming week.

4. Use the Explore page

The Explore page is now personalized to each user. This page can offer connections to new, unique photos and accounts..

5. Provide more description/context in your photo captions

Instagram captions have a 2,000 word limit. Words are powerful. This space is a useful medium to convey messages and provide context to your photos. Providing thoughtful captions encourages your reader to think about the content within the post. Your caption length is all dependant on what you wish to convey to your followers. Captions may be shorter or longer, depending on the message you wish to convey. Instagram does not allow clickable links within posts. If you wish to mention a website such as a blog, you can include a call-to-action within your post.

Do you use Instagram regularly? What are your favourite methods to increase engagement on your Instagram feed?






Sephora VIB Haul 

Sephora’s annual VIB 20% off sale took place earlier this month. I took this chance to stock-up on cosmetics and redeem my VIB points. My purchases during the VIB sales event included:

  • NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Sephora Collection Daily Brush Cleaner
  • Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm
  • Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

I’m writing separate reviews for each of these products, so stay tuned for those! I decided to share a peek into my Sephora bag, and offer a brief overview of my thoughts on the products.

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer

I bought the shade Chantilly. Chantilly is a true ivory, and the lightest shade available. The concealer is creamy, and blends well. NARS concealers have a thick consistency. The doe-foot applicator is perfect for applying the concealer precisely where needed. I use it to conceal imperfections, and brighten underneath my eyes.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

My eyeshadow often fades and flakes throughout the day. I picked this product up as I’ve had success with previous Too Faced Cosmetics purchases. The cream applies clear, and the tube tip allows for percise dispensing. This primer blends into the lid without leaving residue. My eyeshadow glides right over the top of the primer.

Sephora Collection Brush Cleaner

I searched for an effective brush cleaner for a while. Sephora Collection’s brush cleaner is in a spray bottle, and contains a lot of product. I tested it this past weekend, and was happy with the results! The cleaner is simple to use, and the spray itself is not runny.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

I chose a sample of this balm as one of my 100-point perks. I’ve been excited to test this one – the formula transforms from a balm to oil to milk to remove makeup. My foundation is sometimes difficult to remove with a makeup remover wipe, so I’m interested to try this balm in comparison.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer 

Another 100-point perk, this is a gel moisturizer. It contains hylauronic acid and Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea antioxidants to hydrate and fortify the skin. It left my skin feeling smooth, soft, and hydrated. The gel is cooling on the skin.

Did you purchase any items during Sephora’s V.I.B. sale? If so, what are your favourite products?

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REVIEW: Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner


I received a full-sized sample of Smashbox’s Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner during a recent sale at my local drugstore. I’m continuously seeking new eyeliners to test, and was eager to try this one. This eyeliner self-sharpens to glide onto the lid with each use.

The Liner

This liner did not come with packaging. The eyeliner pencil itself is lightweight and smooth upon application. A clever component of the eyeliner is the self-sharpening cap. Each twist of the lid pushes the kohl tip through the pointed mould inside the cap, sharpening it. I’ve tested this liner to create a winged eyeliner look. I created smooth lines with ease, and the liner maneuvered well across my lid.

The Colour 

The liner is a rich, matte black. Despite the wide range of colour choices, I decided to stick to my trusted black liner. I list the range of shades below:

  • Raven – Black
  • Storm – Smoky grey
  • Sumatra – Brown
  • Violetta – Prune
  • French Navy – Navy
  • Cabana – Green
  • Bare – Nude


I enjoy the pigmentation of the liner, and the ease of use. The liner is long-lasting and smudge-resistant. A downside to this eyeliner is the softness of the kohl tip. After two uses, I broke off the sharpened tip, and it was difficult to resharpen.

Smashbox’s Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner retails for $21 from Smashbox’s official website. Sephora sells the liner for $25.




Tips to Protect Yourself During Cold & Flu Season 

Cold and flu season is right around the corner. Today’s blog post shares tips to stay healthy during this season.
Wash up

Both the cold and flu are contagious. Coming in contact with an infected person poses risk for you to catch the virus. A good method to protect yourself is by washing your hands. You should scrub for at least 20 seconds using hot, soapy water. If water is not an option, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer will do the trick!
Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential to maintain health and wellness. Getting adequate sleep maintains your immune system’s ability to fight a cold. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
Get your yearly flu shot

Your yearly flu shot protects against pathogens that cause influenza (aka: the flu). Getting the flu shot decreases your risk of contracting the flu. A flu shot may not prevent the flu completely, but it can lessen the duration and severity of symptoms.
Maintain a healthy diet

Eating healthy ensures that your immune system remains in top shape. A well-balanced diet protects your immune system against illness. Your diet should include fruits, vegetables, proteins and milk products.
Manage stress

Emotional stress weakens the immune system. Elevated stress levels activates your fight-or-flight response, suppressing body processes.  Taking time to engage in self-care is important.
Take in extra fluids

Drinking plenty of water is helpful to maintain overall health, but it also enables the body to fend off viruses that cause the cold/flu. Avoiding dehydration allows the immune system to maintain peak function. General guidelines recommend 6-8 glasses per day.

Exercising is a good way to increase your immunity. Exercise not only helps you stay fit, but it also increases immunity against cold/flu viruses.
Keep your hands away from your face

Touching an infected surface, then touching your face can transmit any cold/flu viruses. Disinfecting surfaces often, or avoiding touching them, ensures you are not contacting any infected surfaces.
Avoid smoking

Smoking hinders our respiratory system, and this can decrease immune system response. Avoiding smoking and smoke exposure decreases your risk of becoming sick with a cold or flu.
Keep warm

Wearing extra layers in the winter maintains our body temperature, but it also helps us avoid the cold/flu. Maintaining extra body heat reduces the risk of shivering, which causes the body to lose heat and decrease the immune system. Wearing hats, scarves, or other layers is a great way to achieve this.
What are tricks you use to protect yourself during flu season? 


Get To Know Me Tag 




I found this tag on WordPress last week, and decided to share some facts about me for my readers.


  • Name: Erin
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 4’10
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Tattoos/Piercings: Just ear piercings


  • Colour: Pink
  • Season: Summer, absolutely. I’m not a fan of cold weather.
  • Shop: Sephora (and Starbucks)
  • Song: All songs by Ed Sheeran
  • Music Artist: The Weeknd, Tove Lo, Taylor Swift, etc.
  • Bands: The Chainsmokers
  • TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
  • Film: PS I Love You
  • Actor/Actress: Leonardo Dicaprio, always
  • Book: My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult
  • Food: Chicken Parmesan
  • Drink: Coffee


1. What’s the story behind your blog name? 

I devised my title based on my love of lipstick. I wanted to title to reflect this, and included two of my favourite colour spectrums – glitter and gold. The actual placement of the words came to mind one night, and I decided to stick with it!

2. What are your three best and three worst personality traits?

My three best personality traits: I’m conscientious, open, and dedicated. Despite these traits, I tend to be passive, quirky, and timid.

3. Favourite subject in school?

I’m currently completing a Social Work degree. My favourite university courses tend to be social work and psychology. I enjoy learning about the mind and how it works.

4. What are your fears?

I often fear change. I tend to get stuck in my patterns, and change disrupts my internal processes until I become used to it. I fear heights, needles, and surgery (which is ironic considering I’ve had six and love Grey’s Anatomy!)

5. What is the last thing that made you cry?

I spent most of last week fighting a cold, that made me cry as I was feeling underwhelmed and sick.

6. What countries have you been to?

Outside of Canada (where I live!) I’ve traveled to the U.S. twice. Europe is at the top of my Travel To-Do list.

7. What was your dream career when you were little? Has it changed?

Until the age of 13, I desperately wished to become an author. Around that time my dream career path changed to social work. I’ve wanted to become a social worker ever since. I’m fortunately over halfway to completing that journey!

8. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Cozy and trendy. I often wear layers to keep myself warm, so you can find me bundled up in scarves, cardigans, and knit sweaters.

9. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A cat.