5 Ways Drinking More Water Can Work For You

Staying hydrated is crucial for every aspect of our health. Drinking adequate amounts of water is not always easy to accomplish. Below, I share the top tips I use to ensure I drink enough water throughout the day.

1. Eat water-rich foods

Eating foods that are primarily composed of water contribute to your overall water intake. Fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, and oranges are not only healthy, but they also add more water to your diet.

2. Track water consumption

Tracking water consumption is a notable way to ensure you consume enough water. Many available apps track and log daily water intake. One app to accomplish this is called WaterLogged. This app allows you to input ounces/total number of drinks consumed, and tracks your total consumption during the day.

3. Add flavour 

Let’s face it – plain water is boring. Adding berries or citrus fruits to water adds flavour without adding sugar or calories, as a healthier alternative to fruit juices. If you’re missing the fizz, try sparkling water.

4. Keep a water bottle nearby

It’s easier to remember to stay hydrated when the source is nearby. Keep a water bottle on your bedside table, desk, or in your bag to remember to consume more water.

5. Refill your glass or water bottle.

You’re more likely to drink water when the glass or bottle is full. Keep it filled as a reminder stay hydrated. Most water bottles have an “oz/ml” indicator to assist you in keeping track of the amount of water you’ve consumed. This can remind you to keep yout bottle or glass filled.




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