REVIEW: Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask

I received a sample of Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask during my last Sephora visit. This is a smoothing formula infused with yogurt, berry extracts, and other antioxidants. The product soothes, protects, and supports natural collagen. This contributes to healthier, supple skin. I use it weekly to supplement my skin care routine.
The Packaging

The formula is contained in a small, pink container. Laneige products come in a white and blue box.

The Formula

The product is white with a hint of pink, and smells faintly of strawberries. The mask has a creamy, dense texture. It is non-greasy and absorbs well into the skin. After rinsing the product off my skin, it doesn’t leave dry or flaky patches.

The Benefits

This mask is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. After a few uses, my skin appeared smoother and hydrated. The formula contains antioxidants and berry extracts to nourish and protect. The mask is infused with a specialized yogurt that soothes, protects, and supports natural collagen. As a bonus, the mask is not tested on animals, and formulated without parabens.

Overall, Laneige’s Repairing Mask is a great product to smooth and protect the skin. I began using it about two weeks ago, and am already noticing that my skin is smoother and firmer.

A sample-sized mask contains 20 mLs of product, while the full-sized mask contains 2.7 o.z. of product. Lineage’s Multiberry Repairing Yogurt Mask retails for $33 at Sephora.



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