Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement 

Strong Instagram engagement is useful for a many reasons. A strong engagement increases views and sales within your blog or business. Engagement also encourages a stronger community of readers; it is useful to connect you with other people in your niche.

1. Socialize

Connecting with users who comment on your posts and follow you encourages a greater level of engagement. Leaving genuine comments also encourages the other person to post more often. Socializing via comment pods within your niche offers a support resource.

2. Use hashtags 

Using hashtags increases potential viewership from users who do not follow you. Hashtags are a great way to discover new content. Hashtags increase the visibility of your photos, thereby increasing engagement. On the topic of hashtags: They should be used sparingly. Posting too many hashtags clutters the photo and creates distraction.

3. Post regularly 

It is not always easy to post consistently. Posting on a regular schedule signals that you are active within the Instagram community. I try posting as regularly as possible. I use an app called Later to schedule some of my posts. I often carve out a specific day of the week to photograph some of my photos and prepare them for the upcoming week.

4. Use the Explore page

The Explore page is now personalized to each user. This page can offer connections to new, unique photos and accounts..

5. Provide more description/context in your photo captions

Instagram captions have a 2,000 word limit. Words are powerful. This space is a useful medium to convey messages and provide context to your photos. Providing thoughtful captions encourages your reader to think about the content within the post. Your caption length is all dependant on what you wish to convey to your followers. Captions may be shorter or longer, depending on the message you wish to convey. Instagram does not allow clickable links within posts. If you wish to mention a website such as a blog, you can include a call-to-action within your post.

Do you use Instagram regularly? What are your favourite methods to increase engagement on your Instagram feed?







One thought on “Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement 

  1. I should try typing more on the context. I see some people just follow me and after I follow them back, they unfollow me. I guess this is their way to gain followers. So now I am picky on following others. But I comment on other people photo sometime.


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