REVIEW: Clean Reserve Perfume

Using fragrance is one of the most personal ways to prepare for a day or night out. Fragrance is adaptable to suite your outfit, personality, or mood. I received a sample of this perfume with a Sephora sale, and it instantly became a favourite of mine. This prompted me to buy the full-sized bottle. The fragrance, called Sueded Oud, is part of the Clean Reserve line of perfumes.

The Packaging 

The perfume packaging is simple, but beautiful. Both the sample-sized and full-sized bottles of this perfume are simple, clean, and crisp. The fragrance bottle is embossed with the word “Clean”. The packaging features a white background with clear lettering.

The Scent

Sueded Oud is a woody scent, with subtle floral notes. Core scent notes include: incense, honeysuckle. Scent notes from various trees, including birchwood and fir balsam, are present. The scent is crisp and bright, but contains a faintly musky scent.

The Perfume

The perfume itself dries in an instant.  The scent does not fade throughout the day. The intensity of the scent decreases with extended wear. Clean Reserve makes their perfumes  with raw, sustainable ingredients. The glass bottles contain 100% recycled materials.

This perfume was different from what I typically buy. I enjoy the sophistication of the scent. It was a perfect addition to my perfume collection, to contrast with the rosy, flowery perfumes I own.

Sueded Oud retails at Sephora for $125. The perfume bottle contains 3.4 oz of liquid. Clean Reserve offers a collection of 9 perfumes; in both travel-sized capsules and full-sized bottles.




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