REVIEW: Kat Von D Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush


Hello, lovelies! Welcome to December. 

I bought this brush with my Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation. The Edge foundation brush is part of Kat’s line of Edge brushes. Other brushes in the collection include: two powder brushes and a concealer brush. The dense, fluffy bristles are perfect for distributing the foundation. The density evenly buffs the foundation into the skin, and you can distribute it into every crevice. The combination of Kat’s Lock-It Foundation and this brush ensure flawless makeup application.

Each aspect of this brush was carefully considered in its design. The handle is considerably weighty, but this contributes to a feeling of sturdiness and precision. Kat’s brushes are an inky colour, with a pointed stiletto tip. The ombre brush hairs are a unique addition. Each edge of this brush is angled – this gives variability in your makeup application. The flat base is perfect to apply foundation on your entire face; the angled edges helps with application in tighter areas like the base of the nose.

I immediately recognized high-quality in this brush. The brush feels soft to the touch, but the brushes retain a density for makeup application.


Kat’s Lock-It Edge Foundation brush retails for $43 at Sephora.








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