4 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Journal

Journaling is useful for stress-relief. Keeping a daily or weekly journal allows you to log your experiences and reflect. Journaling also helps you achieve mindfulness.

1. Keep a notebook nearby 

Having a notebook nearby often compels you to write in it. To ensure you continue to use the journal, keep it in an accessible spot. I use a notebook to track my blog post ideas. Keeping it within reach motivates continued use.

2. Don’t focus on perfection

A journal should be a place to organize your ideas and spark creativity. Journaling with the right expectations will help diminish ideas of perfectionism. It is not meant to be a manuscript or work of perfection. A journal is a place to jot down thoughts, ideas, and insights. Journaling takes on many forms, and there’s no right way to journal.

3. Integrate journaling into your routine organically 

Journaling is often relaxing. Taking a few minutes in the morning or night to jot down thoughts is an effective way to unwind. Allow yourself a specific amount of time each day or week to free-write. This often increases creativity.

4. If you prefer a structured routine, set a goal 

I get little done if I don’t have a specific deadline in mind. Maintaining a specified time to write keeps me focused on each task. This also applies to journaling. Aiming of a specific number of pages or a certain time may increase your motivation to write. A habit of writing may also form this way.

A question for my readers: Do you keep a journal? If so, what are tips you use to maintain the habit of writing in it?





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