Holiday Product Spotlight with JORD 

Hello, my lovely readers!

Today, I’m excited to share this post, sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. JORD is a United States-based company. JORD offers unique timepieces. They offer a range of styles and colours.

The Watch

This watch is from JORD’s Frankie Series. It features a wooden strap, with a sapphire crystal glass face. The watch face is a light golden colour. The Zebrawood and Champagne design is crisp and elegant. The wood watch elements are lightweight. I own a lot of silver jewellery. The champagne colour of the watch face creates beautiful contrast. The glass elements are delicate, yet the wooden elements are strong and sturdy. I enjoy this contrast in the watch – the wood balances the delicate features. JORD offers both men’s and women’s watches.

The Material 

JORD’s unique watches are crafted with various types of woods, including bamboo, ebony and rosewood. Natural zebra wood is present in this Frankie Series watch. The materials highlight sustainability. All JORD watches feature a Swiss movement. This means components of the watch were created in Switzerland. The wood is comfortable against the skin.

I adore my watch. I’ve owned multiple watches in the past few years, but this is the most unique! The elements, design, and wear are elegant and crisp. The watch has become a staple in my holiday outfits. It accessorizes beautifully with gold and silver.

JORD watches are available from JORD’s official website. The website offers both men’s watches and women’s watches. The watch I own is a Frankie 35. Each watch retails from $129-$295. If you’re still searching for the perfect gift this holiday, JORD offers a watch to suit any style!

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