Tips for Aspiring Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers


Today I share tips for anyone who is considering becoming a beauty/lifestyle blogger. The idea of starting a blog may seem daunting. When I began this blog a mere 6 months ago I spent a considerable amount of time researching blog platforms. I also researched how to blog.

1. Find your niche 

What makes you unique? Determining a specific angle for your blog will help it perform better. If your blog has a specific focus, it will help it stand out. You can become a beauty/lifestyle blogger or a blogger who writes about one specific beauty item.  Connect with other bloggers in your niche. Forming connections via social media is useful to establish support, and find new resources.

2. Determine the topics you wish to write about

Writing a specific post on each day organizes your ideas. I write beauty/lifestyle posts on Monday, tips on Wednesday, and product reviews on Friday. Writing each post with a topic in mind aids you in streamlining your thoughts and ideas.

3. Don’t focus on perfectionism 

It takes time to narrow down the details of blogging – the perfect blog name, the right logo. Don’t focus on perfecting it the first time. You can always change these aspects. Just go with what feels right to you in the moment.

4. Set goals

Why are you starting a blog? Are you writing as a hobby, or do you wish to expand it into a career? Asking yourself these questions establishes your purpose. Set goals and waypoints to create focus as you begin your blogging journey.

What are your top tips for aspiring beauty and lifestyle bloggers? 



20 thoughts on “Tips for Aspiring Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

  1. This is awesome!! So happy to see tips for new people like me. Feels like the Blogging community is so welcoming and I can’t wait to be a part of it


  2. Just started my first blog – it’s actually true how much this post related to me the ‘perfectionism’ section… man I spent 4 hours trying to understand what widgets do and I still got no clue! Hahaha least I’m not the only one … cool blog πŸ™‚


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