The Best Apps for Bloggers: Social Media, Blogging Platforms, and More

Hello, lovelies!

Between tracking analytics to posting social media updates, accessing specific applications (apps) is key. Universal access lets you blog from wherever you are, whenever you wish. Today I share a look into some of the most popular apps for bloggers. Each of the categories I’ve listed below provides various apps that you can use as a blogger or creative.

Blogging Platform

Downloading the app version of your blogging platform lets you write posts, and respond to comments. Various platforms exist to blog with. I’ve highlighted two of these platforms below:

  • WordPress: WordPress allows me to blog with ease. I use the app to draft blog posts when I’m away from my computer. The “Blog Post” feature lets me draft and publish posts with a few simple clicks. WordPress offers both a free and paid version.
  • Tumblr: I am still navigating Tumblr, but it is an efficient micro-blog. It is a good platform to publish short-form content including photos, quotes, and video.

Social Media 

Like many of you, I use social media regularly. It is useful to connect with other bloggers and creatives.

  • Instagram:  Instagram’s photo platform lets users share insight into their daily lives. For bloggers, this app allows us to post our favourite products and beauty looks. Instagram integrated a Stories feature. My favourite aspect of this feature is the ability to share minute-by-minute updates. These updates provide a raw, unfiltered insight into the user’s daily life.
  • Facebook: I use Facebook to share my blog with family and friends. I’ve expanded my reach through Groups such as Blogging Boost. These groups let me share my content with users worldwide.
  • Pinterest: I joined Pinterest about three months ago, and am still navigating the platform. Pinterest offers an outlet to connect with other bloggers and content inside your niche.

Photo Editing

Creating the perfect photo often requires edits. Many photo editing applications let users crop, brighten, and change their photographs.

  • PS Express: This Adobe program is Flash-based. The app enables users to edit photos on their websites or blogs, or they can upload the photo from their device. Features range from brightening, to blurring.
  • Snapspeed: Snapspeed lets users tune images with Brightness, Contrast, and Blur menus. I used this editor briefly, but found it was not user-friendly.


If you are a blogger or creative, what apps are your favourite? 



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