Nighttime Beauty Tricks


Hello, lovelies!

A nighttime beauty routine is just as important as a morning routine. Taking a few extra steps before bed contributes to relaxation. Engaging in certain steps or habits at night will lead to a better morning. In today’s post, I offer tips I use nightly.

Invest in a silk pillow case 

Your pillow case contributes to your beauty. How? Pillow cases made from cotton or other materials often collect debris. This can transfer to your face or hair. You should wash your pillow case weekly to keep skin clean. To go a step further, invest in a silk pillow case. A silk pillow case prevents creases in your hair or skin, and it does not absorb dirt or oil.

Remove all of your makeup

Removing all makeup before bed lets your face breathe. You’ll wake up looking and feeling refreshed in the morning. By removing all makeup, you are ensuring that pores remain clean.

Get a full night’s sleep

Sleep increases melatonin. This hormone acts like an antioxidant, which fights fine lines and imperfections. Getting a full night’s sleep ensures your cells are repairing themselves. They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing!

What beauty tricks do you use nightly?







6 thoughts on “Nighttime Beauty Tricks

  1. I bought lavender essential oil (and got the diffuser for Christmas)–so this will become a part of my routine, especially when I’m extremely stressed. Lately, I’ve been turning the lights off and lighting my smoked vanilla scented candle about an hour or two before bedtime, it seems to keep me calm and relaxed. I’ve also been reading a little bit before bed (an up-beat, inspirational story) as well as writing in my journal (or my phone, depending on how lazy I get). Putting all of this together seems to help with stress relief and helps me sleep better!

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