How to Use Highlighter

Hello, lovelies!

Using a highlighting powder is a way to add glow and radiance to your skin. Some of you may wonder – what exactly is highlight, and what does it do? Highlighter is a product available in compact or stick format. You apply it to high points of the face (like the cheeks, and forehead) to give skin a natural-looking glow. I recently expanded my cosmetics collection to include a highlighting powder. It brightens my skin, which often becomes dreary in winter. In today’s post, I’ll share tips to help you choose, and use, a highlighter.

Apply it to three main areas – the cheekbones/temples, the eyes, and the Cupid’s bow

Applying highlight to these three areas draws attention to the high-points of your face. Makeup can sometimes create shadows underneath the eyes. Applying highlight in this same area brightens the skin. It draws attention away from any dark areas.

Blend, blend, blend

After applying highlight, blend it into the skin with a brush or makeup sponge to buff any edges. Blending will integrate the highlight into your skin, and create a crease-free base.

Mix with moisturizer 

If you’re looking for an all-over glow, mix your highlight into a few drops of moisturizer. This is best achieved with a liquid highlighter. Once mixed together, you can apply the formula to your entire face.

How to choose a highlighter:

Your skin tone is helpful in determining the best highlighter shade. If your skin tone is pale-light, a pearl or champagne-coloured highlight is best. The light pigment adds a subtle radiance to your complexion. For those of you with medium-to-olive skin tones, highlighters with a peachy or gold undertone will prevent skin from appearing too frosty. Rose gold or bronze shades work best for darker skin tones. These shades offer pigment, without  appearing grey-toned.

What are your top tips for using highlight? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!






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