How to Save Money at Sephora 

Hello, lovelies!
Sometimes it’s difficult to justify spending too much money in one place. It’s a scenario that you may be all too familiar with – you fill your shopping basket with cosmetics and skin care essentials, then your heart pounds as you see your total. I’ve been there, and I hope you find this post useful!

Today I share tips to help you save money at Sephora. 

Become a Beauty Insider

Sephora’s loyalty program operates on a tiered system. The three levels are: Beauty Insider, VIB and VIB Rouge. Each tier offers different perks.Upon becoming a Beauty Insider, you earn 1 point for every dollar spent. These points may be redeemed for product samples. 

Stock up on samples

Virtually every purchase will come with one, or more, samples. Trying sample sizes of products is a great way to test a new product without purchasing it full-sized. These samples not only save you money, but they offer convenience when traveling. 

Keep an eye open for samples

The sales section of Sephora’s website offers a selection of available products, and changes frequently. Waiting for a specific item to hit the sale section will save you hard-earned cash. 

If you shop at Sephora often, and have found ways to save money, I’d love o hear your tips!


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