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REVIEW: Sephora Collection The Cleanse Brush Cleaner

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Cleaning my makeup brushes occurs on a weekly basis. I normally cleaned the bristles with a combination of soap and water. I bought Sephora Collection: The Cleanse brush cleaner during the V.I.B. Sale last fall. I sometimes do not clean my brushes as thoroughly as I should. This product lets me complete that task (or as some would say, chore) without difficulty! The cleansing spray effortlessly cleans makeup residue from all types of brushes.

What is it?

This product is a quick-dry spray that is alcohol-free and requires no water. To clean each brush, just spray the cleaner into a cloth or paper towel, and run it along the brush head until clean.

The Packaging

Sephora’s brush cleaner comes in a hairspray-style bottle. The product offers 200 ml of liquid. The packaging is black with a flower design – sleek and simplistic.

How does it work?

The spray requires little effort to use – this is my favourite aspect! Spray the cleaner on a paper towel or cloth, then sweep the bristles of your brush along the towel/cloth. For brushes with synthetic fibers, a circular motion is reccommended.

“The Cleanse” is one of the products offered by Sephora Collection’s line of brush cleaners. This product created ease and simplicity into my brush-cleaning routine.

Sephora Collection “The Cleanse” Daily Brush Cleaner retails for $15 from Sephora’s website. A sampler size retails for $8.50.

Tips and tricks

Nighttime Beauty Tricks


Hello, lovelies!

A nighttime beauty routine is just as important as a morning routine. Taking a few extra steps before bed contributes to relaxation. Engaging in certain steps or habits at night will lead to a better morning. In today’s post, I offer tips I use nightly.

Invest in a silk pillow case 

Your pillow case contributes to your beauty. How? Pillow cases made from cotton or other materials often collect debris. This can transfer to your face or hair. You should wash your pillow case weekly to keep skin clean. To go a step further, invest in a silk pillow case. A silk pillow case prevents creases in your hair or skin, and it does not absorb dirt or oil.

Remove all of your makeup

Removing all makeup before bed lets your face breathe. You’ll wake up looking and feeling refreshed in the morning. By removing all makeup, you are ensuring that pores remain clean.

Get a full night’s sleep

Sleep increases melatonin. This hormone acts like an antioxidant, which fights fine lines and imperfections. Getting a full night’s sleep ensures your cells are repairing themselves. They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing!

What beauty tricks do you use nightly?






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The Best Apps for Bloggers: Social Media, Blogging Platforms, and More

Hello, lovelies!

Between tracking analytics to posting social media updates, accessing specific applications (apps) is key. Universal access lets you blog from wherever you are, whenever you wish. Today I share a look into some of the most popular apps for bloggers. Each of the categories I’ve listed below provides various apps that you can use as a blogger or creative.

Blogging Platform

Downloading the app version of your blogging platform lets you write posts, and respond to comments. Various platforms exist to blog with. I’ve highlighted two of these platforms below:

  • WordPress: WordPress allows me to blog with ease. I use the app to draft blog posts when I’m away from my computer. The “Blog Post” feature lets me draft and publish posts with a few simple clicks. WordPress offers both a free and paid version.
  • Tumblr: I am still navigating Tumblr, but it is an efficient micro-blog. It is a good platform to publish short-form content including photos, quotes, and video.

Social Media 

Like many of you, I use social media regularly. It is useful to connect with other bloggers and creatives.

  • Instagram:  Instagram’s photo platform lets users share insight into their daily lives. For bloggers, this app allows us to post our favourite products and beauty looks. Instagram integrated a Stories feature. My favourite aspect of this feature is the ability to share minute-by-minute updates. These updates provide a raw, unfiltered insight into the user’s daily life.
  • Facebook: I use Facebook to share my blog with family and friends. I’ve expanded my reach through Groups such as Blogging Boost. These groups let me share my content with users worldwide.
  • Pinterest: I joined Pinterest about three months ago, and am still navigating the platform. Pinterest offers an outlet to connect with other bloggers and content inside your niche.

Photo Editing

Creating the perfect photo often requires edits. Many photo editing applications let users crop, brighten, and change their photographs.

  • PS Express: This Adobe program is Flash-based. The app enables users to edit photos on their websites or blogs, or they can upload the photo from their device. Features range from brightening, to blurring.
  • Snapspeed: Snapspeed lets users tune images with Brightness, Contrast, and Blur menus. I used this editor briefly, but found it was not user-friendly.


If you are a blogger or creative, what apps are your favourite? 


Product Reviews

REVIEW: MAC Gleamtones Powder 

Hello, lovelies! Today I’m reviewing MAC Gleamtones Powder. 

I recieved this as a Christmas present. I love all things MAC, and was excited to test out this powder. MAC Gleamtones is part of the company’s Vibe Tribe line. I’m excited to add this to my winter makeup routine to brighten and highlight my skin.
What is it?

The Gleamtones Powder is a combination of bronzer and highlight. The compact features a colour block of four shades.

The Packaging

MAC Gleamtones Powder is cased in a tan-coloured compact. On the compact is a spiked, colourful design. The compact is lightweight and durable. Each shade blends into the other in a geometric design.

The Shades

The compact features a colour block of four shades:

  • Coral
  • Champagne
  • Tangerine
  • Bronze

Below is a swatch of each shade. I primed my skin before applying to enhance the colours.

I apply the powder to my cheeks and the high points of my face. This achieves a soft, subtle highlight.

MAC Vibe Tribe Gleamtones Powder offers the perfect highlight and glow. The smooth formula applies softly to the skin, with little fallout. The powder retails for $38 from M.A.C’s official website and retail locations.

Tips and tricks

4 Methods to Help You Create a Better Morning Routine for Success


A solidified morning routine sets the tone for the day ahead. It wakes you up and refreshes you (literally!).  I’ve developed a list of methods to help you create a better morning routine.

METHOD #1: Develop a consistent sleep schedule

Sleep is the foundation of any morning routine. I know that not getting enough sleep throws of my rhythm the following day. A consistent sleep schedule may involve going to sleep and waking at the same time. Developing a consistent schedule balances your circadian rhythm. This attunes your body’s sleep and wake cycles.

METHOD #2: Wear a power colour

When you choose your clothes and makeup in the morning, be sure to include a colour that inspires you. I often coordinate my outfits with red lipstick to spark my inspiration and strength.

METHOD #3: Fuel your body

Eating a healthy, filling breakfast in the morning helps improve concentration throughout the day. With a clear mind, you are better able to focus on tasks and problem-solve. Fuel your body with nutrient-dense food to power your morning and day.

METHOD #4: Use a planner

Take a few moments to write down tasks you wish to do during that day. Organizing these tasks in a manageable fashion decreases anxiety. It allows you to better organize each task. If you know that you cannot complete a specific task that day, simply move it to the next. This is the first year I’ve dedicated a specific planner to maintain organization. 

What are rituals or tasks you always complete each morning? Do they help you develop a routine?



My 2017 Resolutions Guide

Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to 2017.

I decided to share insight into my resolutions this year, and the steps I plan to take in  to keep them. Like many of you, the resolutions I make in January fall to the wayside within a month or two. I’m determined to change that this year. I devoted time over the holiday to compose a list of my resolutions, and outlined methods to stick to them.

1. Take care of my body 

This resolution is crucial to keep. The busier I become, healthy eating and caring for myself minimizes. I plan to start the year with a healthier diet, and the goal to eat more.  I plan to regulate my sleep schedule and engage in more self-care to supplement this.

2. Refine my skincare routine 

I often omit steps from my skincare routine in the interest of time. I hope to refine my routine to include the basic steps. I’ve determined the products that work for my skin. My goal in the new year is to organize these products into a sequence that works to control my breakouts.

3. Stay completely organized

My Kate Spade planner will help immensely with this resolution. I bought it specific for the task of remaining organized throughout the year. I function best when all my to-do’s are written on paper. I’m committed to using the planner for this purpose, and to stay consistent throughout the year.

What are some of your resolutions for 2017? Are you worried about not following through with specific resolutions?