4 Tips to Help You Use a Planner for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Organization 

Hello, lovelies!

I like to plan. I’ve used various planners throughout the past couple years. These have included three notebook-style ones, and my phone. Staying organized keeps me calm – my to-do list, and relevant due dates are all visible in one place. Today, I’ll share tips I use to maintain my planner for organizing.

Dedicate a specific day to plan the upcoming week 

I take one day per week (usually Sunday) to sit down and plan my week. I pencil in any weekday and weekend plans, and appointment dates. Dedicating a specific day of the week for this task keeps your brain refreshed. My Kate Spade planner offers separate spaces with monthly, and daily views.

Colour code

Using different colours for appointments, assignment due dates, and other items. This helps separate them. I use a different colour pen for each of the courses I take in a given semester. For example, I write due dates for one of my Social Work courses in blue ink while I write Sociology due dates in green ink. Colour-coding is effective to ensure important dates stand-out from daily activities.

Prioritize each task

If you’re like me, you often have 100 different things and ideas in your mind at once. Writing a prioritized task list helps you identify the most important ones.
What are your top tips for using a planner? 



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