Instagram for Bloggers: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Instagram

Hello, lovelies!

Instagram is a powerful social media tool to grow your blog or business. This social media platform offers opportunity to expand your reach and following. I use the platform to connect with readers and followers. This is an especially useful tool for connecting with readers outside of my location. Today I’m sharing a “how-to” guide to Instagram, and how to maximize its effectiveness.


Your profile is often the first thing prospective followers notice. In your profile, there are a few key steps to increase the likelihood of connecting with new followers:

  • Brand your account: Your account should have the same handle as the rest of your social media. This makes it easier for your audience to find you. If it is not possible to do this, try keeping your handles as similar as possible.
  • Profile picture: Snap a photo that shows off your personality, or specific characteristics you wish to highlight. I use a simple headshot featuring my favourite lipstick. I prefer to keep this photo focused and bright. If you have a brand/blog logo, or photo that showcases your personality, this also works wonders!
  • Bio: With a limit of 150 characters and one clickable link, you should optimize it! Your bio is an opportunity to introduce who you are, what you do, and/or how you help others. Are you a beauty blogger? Are you a skincare specialist who shares DIY facial recipes? Your bio should reflect this.


The photos you choose reflect your brand/image. I posted photography tips earlier this summer. I continue to reference these points when creating images and posts. I use my iPhone for all my photography, but your favourite type of camera works. Lighting makes a huge difference. The lighting you use helps your photos stand out.


To decide which hashtags to use, browse the top ones in your niche. This will help optimize their use. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. Using hashtags will help you reach accounts you are not already connected with.

How do you use your Instagram as a blogger or creative?




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