REVIEW: MAC Zoom Lash Mascara 

Hello, lovelies!

When feeling adventurous I deviate from my typical colour choices. The same goes for mascara. I often swipe a coat or two of black mascara on my lashes. In November, I began searching for a coloured mascara. I recieved MAC Zoomlash Mascara for Christmas. I loved that the mascara is actually purple.

The Packaging 

The mascara comes in a purple tube. This colour is reflective of the mascara colour. Attached to the top part of the tube is a wand applicator. The curved bristles allow the product to spread among each lash.

The Colour

This shade is called Plum Reserve. It is a bright, vibrant purple. It adds subtle tint to the lashes without the colour overpowering the natural lash colour.

MAC Zoomlash Mascara comes in 6 shades:

  • Beets Me – Brown
  • Plum Reserve – Plum
  • Green is Green – Emerald
  • High Esteem – Blackened-grey
  • Blue Charge – Blue
  • Zoom Black – Black

The mascara curls my lashes and lengthens. I enjoy the ergonomic ease of use. The packaging is lightweight and sturdy.

MAC Zoomlash Mascara retails for $21 from MAC’s official website. A smaller size of the mascara, from the company’s Little MAC Collection, retails for $12.


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