Beauty Hacks: 5 Other Uses for Coffee (That Don’t Involve Drinking a Cup of It!)

Hello, lovelies!

As it turns out, coffee has multiple uses. Your daily cup of java is great for drinking, but coffee is also a beauty product. Today I share five other uses for your favourite blend. You can try these tips while drinking a cup, but it’s not required.
1. Exfoliation
The grainy texture of coffee grinds make them a great exfoliator. There are coffee scrubs that you can buy. Simple ingredients in your kitchen pantry make an exfoliator. Combine a small bowl of coffee grinds with water or oil to form a paste. Rub the mixture into your skin as you normally would an exfoliator, then rinse.
2. Skin bronzer
The natural colour of coffee makes it a convenient skin bronzer. You can create your own bronzer lotion by combining coffee grounds and olive oil. Measure two parts olive oil into one part coffee grounds. If you wish to deepen the colour, add another part coffee.
3. Hair mask
A hair mask adds shine and lustre to your locks. This trick involves pouring cooled coffee on your hair while in the shower. Leave it in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse.
4. Perfume testing aid
This is useful when testing different perfume scents. Sniff coffee grounds to clear your nose between each scent. This prevents the scents from merging together. It leads to a clearer, more defined scent.
5. Treat under eye puffiness
anything from allergies to lack of sleep may cause under eye puffiness. Apply chilled coffee grounds to your under eye area, let it sit for approximately 10 minutes, and rinse. Caffeine contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduces under eye swelling/puffiness.




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