A Sneak Peek Into My (New!) Handbag: Erin Angela’s Daily Essentials – Beauty and Lifestyle Items

Hello, lovelies!

I bought a new handbag this weekend. It is a sand-coloured tote from my local Aldo Shoes & Accessories. I searched for a handbag with more structure. My Kate Spade handbag is softer. A complete review of this new accessory is on the way. For now, I’m sharing a peek into the essentials I keep in my purse on a daily basis.

1. Blog Notebook 

I keep my blog notebook or a notepad in my purse to track ideas for blog posts when they strike. This small, square notebook fits well into the purse, and I like to carry it with me. I began this shortly after I started my blog.  Its been efficient for those moments when inspiration and ideas spark into my head. I track post ideas, dates, and titles in this notebook. This organizes my ideas effectively.

2. Wallet 

One of my favourite aspects of the purse is the size. My new Kate Spade wallet is wider than my previous wallet. The wallet fits nicely into the purse, while still leaving space. I, of course, keep my wallet with me wherever I go.

3. iPhone Charger 

My phone charge never lasts for longer than a few hours. I rest my charger into the bottom of my handbag. My iPhone is a staple in my handbag, and I prefer to have it on hand all the time.

4. Lipstick 

Lipstick is one makeup item I reapply throughout the day. If wearing a matte lipstick, I don’t worry about fading as much. My cream and satin lipstick colours tend to fade with eating and drinking. I reapply the colour during the day to brighten my lips.

5. Pens

A spare pen never hurts. I stash an extra pen (or two!) in my purse for taking notes in class, or when filling out any types of forms. I run through pens quickly, and like to have extras in my bag when the one I’m using dries up.

What items are staples in your handbag? I’d love to see them – tag me on Instagram (erin_angela_xo) with the hashtag #handbagpeek!  




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