Photography 101: 5 Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Flatlay

Hello, lovelies!

I shared general photography tips on the blog a while ago. In todays post, I focus on a specific technique – a flatlay. A flatlay is a photograph that showcases all items on a flat surface.

Good lighting is essential

If possible, it is best to take photos in natural light. If you can’t photograph in natural lighting, you should find an area that is well-lit and bright. The lighting of your photo will affect the brightness and colour. If you do not have adequate lighting, you can always increase the saturation/colouring when editing.

Take your time

Photography may take time and patience. Don’t feel rushed when taking a photo, especially a flat lay. It may need many shots to achieve the best one. Allow yourself the time to adjust and readjust as necessary to take the perfect shot.

Use a consistent colour palette 

Incorporate colours from the same gradient (e.g. pinks, yellows, or greyscale). This prevents images from appearing cluttered. Images will appear neat and tidy.

Dress it up and add texture

I like adding items with texture and colour along with the main item I am photographing. Adding elements like jewellery, a blanket, or a marble backdrop gives the photo dimension and texturizes it.

Create space between each object

Photographing multiple items in a flat lay is often difficult. Items easily cast shadows. Space your items apart to eliminate any shadows. A neat trick if you’re photographing items that roll (e.g. lipstick): Add a small piece of double-sided tape to the object and background to keep it in place.

What are your favourite photography tips?



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