A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Stay Healthy While in University 

Hello, lovelies!

University is stressful. Between paper due dates, social activities, and coursework it is not always possible to avoid sickness. I often face one major cold/flu each semester. Today I share some of the methods I use to avoid sickness, and improve my health.

Start a routine early 

Once classes begin, it’s difficult to focus on what to cook for each meal, or which exercises classes to attend. Try creating a healthy-eating regime and exercise routine early in the semester. After you engage in these activities for a few weeks, it will become a routine.

Ditch those all-nighters 

I find it difficult to stay awake past my normal bedtime. I typically complete my coursework in the morning or early afternoon. A lack of sleep is not healthy for physical, mental or emotional health. Getting adequate sleep will help you function better, as opposed to staying awake all night cramming or completing work. This also applies to a night of partying.

Self care is important 

Take time to do activities you enjoy. Regular breaks in between coursework is healthy for both your body and mind. Practice self-care during these breaks to relax and recuperate after long periods of studying. Your brain can become fatigued, and it’s important to listen to these signals.

If you are, or have attended, university: What pieces of advice do you rely on to stay healthy?




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