REVIEW: Bite Beauty Agave Sugar Lip Scrub

Hello, lovelies!

Bite Beauty released a trio of agave-based lip products. Agave is nectar derived from the agave plant. This product is infused with both agave and sugar crystals. I searched for a lip scrub to help banish winter dryness in my lips. I picked up the Agave lip scrub based on recommendations.

The Packaging 

The scrub comes in a clear glass container with a matte black, twistable lid. The lid is embossed with BITE’s signature stamp. It is a heavier container. I like the simplicity of this packaging. It is clean and elegant.

The Product 

I adore the texture of Bite’s lip scrub. The combination of brown sugar and pineapple enzyme give the scrub a grainy texture. It tastes like brown sugar. It foams lightly once applied to the lips, and rinses clear.

How to use it 

Apply the scrub to the lips in a circular motion. Let it sit for a few seconds, then rinse. I use it 4-5 times per week as part of my makeup routine.

Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Scrub offers a convenient method to keep lips soft. It is a great base for lipstick or gloss. The agave formula is also available as a lip balm or mask.

This lip scrub retails for $18 at Sephora.


Have you tried BITE’s Agave lip scrub? 




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