5 Simple Style Tips for the Petite Girl That Will Make You Look Better Than Ever

Hello, lovelies!

A question for my fellow petite girls: Do you ever find that clothes just don’t fit your frame ‘right’? If you’re like me, you’ll know that finding clothes to fit a small frame isn’t a simple task. My 4’10 frame doesn’t take long sleeves, skirts, or dresses well. From experiencing years of ill-fitting clothes, I’ve put together a few tips to make shopping a better task.

TIP #1: Combine high and low pieces 

High-waisted items elongate the body. Combining a high-waist skirt and low v-neck top adds great dimension to an outfit. This combination accentuates your features. I have a dainty bone structure. I like to pair a high-waisted skirt and top with a deep neck to accentuate my collarbones.

TIP #2: Know where to shop 

Bookmark your favourite brands that design clothing specifically for smaller silhouettes. Stores with a Petite section include: H & M, Laura Canada, and TJ Maxx. These stores offer a wide variety of basics and trendier items. It’s always a good idea to try on items before you buy to determine the fit.

TIP #3: Avoid loose fitting clothes 

Tops or dresses with floated arms are gorgeous pieces. Items with excess fabric around the arms or waist will consume your look. If you favour a looser fit, define your waist with a small belt or piece of satin.

TIP #4: Elongate your legs

Pair tights with the same colour shoes to elongate your legs. (My favourite combination is pairing a black tight or legging with black shoes). A colour-combination gives the illusion of a longer legs.



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