REVIEW: Tarte Cosmetics Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer

Hello, lovelies!

I received a sample of Tarte Cosmetics Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer at Sephora. This moisturizer is oil-free. It is a daily moisturizer that illuminates and hydrates the skin. (I adore multipurpose products!) Tarte’s Brighter Days Moisturizer launched earlier this year with Tarte’s Athleisure skincare and makeup line.

The Packaging 

This product comes in a tube with a gold-coloured cap. Its lavender container is fun and bright. The moisturizer itself is white and creamy. The full-sized tube holds 1.69 oz of product. It is unscented.

The Illumination 

I read reviews stating that the moisturizer is glittery. Once I applied the moisturizer to my skin, it gave a light sheen. I particularly enjoyed this aspect of the moisturizer. I use highlighter as part of my beauty routine. I like that this shine/highlight didn’t overpower my skin.

The Texture 

The gel-like texture dries fast. Because it is oil-free, the moisturizer is not slick on the skin.

How to Use It 

Apply a thin layer onto the face and neck after cleansing the skin. I sometimes dab it into my cheekbones to substitute for highlight. This achieves a soft glow. The product is perfect to wear on its own, or underneath makeup.

I am impressed with this moisturizer. It left my skin softly illuminated and refreshed. Tarte Cosmetics Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer retails for $42 from Sephora.

What is your favourite moisturizer?



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