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A Quick Guide to the Perfect Red Lip: My Top 3 Tips to Achieve the Cherry Pout

Hello, lovelies!

I adore all shades of red lipstick. The colour adds elegance to any outfit I wear, and it elevates my makeup. Today I share my favourite tips yo achieve the perfect cherry pout.

1. Apply powder or concealer to the lips before lipstick 

Blocking out the natural pigment in the lips gives you the truest shade of your lipstick. I dust translucent powder on my lips before applying lipstick to create a white base for the colour. Blot your lips with a tissue to remove any leftover powder.

2. For percise application, apply lipstick with a lip brush

Using a lip brush gives you control over where the lipstick is applied. My lipstick sometimes bleeds outside my natural lip lines when I apply directly from the tube. I like to use a lip brush to apply lipstick to prevent this.

3. Pick your perfect red

The ideal shade makes your teeth whiter and your skin glow. Lipstick shades with a blue undertone flatter all skintones.  Fair complexions usually have a pink undertone. Use blue-based or pink-based reds to compliment the pink undertones in the skin. Light complexions have a yellow undertone, an orange-red compliments this undertone best. Brick-red lipstick suits olive complexions. If you have a darker skin tone, try a cherry-coloured red.



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