I Challenged Myself to Drink a Litre of Water Each Day for a Week

Hello, lovelies!

I drink a lot of water each day, but I have never tracked the amount. Most experts reccommend 1-2 litres a day. I decided to challenge myself to drink at least one litre. I scoured the Apple App Store for an app to help me with the challenge. That is where I found My Water.

I opened the App on the first day, eager to begin the challenge. I input my height, weight and activity level. The App reccommended I drink 28 oz each day. (Or approximately 1 litre) 

The first day of the challenge was Day 1 of my summer job. I knew I’d be moving more throughout the day and assumed I would drink more water as a result. I spent the day moving about the office and sipped on water between appointments. I hit my target of 28 oz without difficulty. At this point, I felt energized. 

My Results 

By midweek my energy continued. I felt less tired during the day. My skin looked brighter and clearer, though I kept my skincare routine the same. I did not notice many other changes but knew I kept my body hydrated. The only other big difference was my hunger levels. I did not snack as much throughout the day. I stuck to three main meals, sometimes two. I also found myself reaching for my water bottle more, knowing I had a quota to meet. 

The challenge did provide subtle differences in my water consumption. I am more conscious of the amount of water I drink. I also reaped the benefit of clearer skin. 

How much water do you drink per day? 


9 thoughts on “I Challenged Myself to Drink a Litre of Water Each Day for a Week

  1. Oh I have only ever been told/read that you need to drink half your body weight in ounces, so if you weigh 140lbs you should be drinking 70 ounces of water. So it scares me that there are apps out there telling adults they only need 28 ounces of water per day. Eeeeek that is not enough! Especially in the summer! I also live at 9,000ft though so I usually drink 3 liters of water on a normal day, more if I’m hiking or exercising. Stay hydrated people!


    1. I’ve also been told that before! I checked out a few different apps, and they all recommended different amounts of water to drink based on height/weight. Staying hydrated is so important in the summer!


  2. Isn’t it crazy how much water can help your body?? I mean, it seems obvious haha. But I used to haaate water and only in recent years starting making an effort to drink a liter a day and now I can’t image not doing that


  3. When I’m at home all day (usually studying) I usually drink so much water and I definitely see the results! My skin is better, my lips aren’t dry and I don’t get headaches! The only downside of this… well… the need to constantly use the bathroom! If you are outside the house, it can be quite tricky! 😂🙂


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