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REVIEW: Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

Hello, lovelies!

I adore testing new fragrances. I recently received a sample of Versace’s Bright Crystal Perfume and the floral scent immediately caught my attention. The soft floral notes of magnolia, peony and lotus flower smell clean, refreshing and bright!

The Packaging 

Versace’s Bright Crystal perfume comes in a sophisticated and elegant bottle. The square shape of the clear bottle enables you to see the pale pink colour of the perfume inside. It features a unique crystal-shaped cap that feels heavy and luxurious to the touch.

The Scent 

This fragrance bursts with notes of fresh flowers. Initially, the perfume has a delightful citrus scent that fade to warmer scents of amber, musk and freesia. The combination of sweet and sensual scents blends well together and delights the senses.

The Wear

When this perfume dries onto the skin, it stays vibrant and scented for 3-4 hours. The scent does not last for an entire day, but that is typical of most fragrances. I enjoy how the scent profile changes as the perfume is worn – it starts out citrusy and bright but dries down to a warm, softer scent. The perfume is soft yet vibrant.

Versace’s Bright Crystal is a gorgeous perfume to wear daily or for special occasions. The soft, floral fragrance is enticing, calming and sweet. If you are looking for a feminine fragrance that still has a hint of musk, I’d recommend this one! Versace’s Bright Crystal Perfume retails for $126 at Sephora.

By Erin Angela

24 year old beauty and lifestyle blogger. I write to share knowledge gained throughout my life, a glimpse at my favourite beauty products, and tips on anything from makeup application to organization. You can find me online @erin_angela_xo (Instagram) and @ErinAngela_xo (Twitter).

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