REVIEW: Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume

Hello, lovelies!

I search for a new fragrance every few months and vary the scents I wear based on the season. I found Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume at Sephora. Upon testing the fragrance, it reminded me of spring. Viktor & Rolf are an Amsterdam-based design team. Flowerbomb is their debut fragrance.

The Packaging 

The glass bottle containing the perfume is transparent and octagon-shaped. The perfume is a beautiful pale-pink that is reminiscent of a peony. The geometric pattern on the bottle is fun and unique. The bottle bears the name of the perfume in crisp lettering.

The Scent 

Flowerbomb is a delightful combination of warm, floral notes. The fragrance has hints of jasmine and orange blossom but the scent profile subtly changes as the perfume dries down. The fragrance begins with hints of woodsy bergamot and bright mandarin. As it dries, the fragrance releases notes of amber, jasmine and freesia.

The perfume is long-lasting. It reveals different fragrance notes as it dries down. I enjoy the scent. Floral perfumes are often cloying and overpowering. This one is the opposite –  light and mild.

This fragrance is is just one of the company’s perfume sets. Other perfumes available in Viktor & Rolf’s collection include the Bonbon Collection and the Spice Collection. Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Perfume retails at Sephora for $198.


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