I Challenged Myself to Drink a Litre of Water Each Day for a Week

Hello, lovelies!

I drink a lot of water each day, but I have never tracked the amount. Most experts reccommend 1-2 litres a day. I decided to challenge myself to drink at least one litre. I scoured the Apple App Store for an app to help me with the challenge. That is where I found My Water.

I opened the App on the first day, eager to begin the challenge. I input my height, weight and activity level. The App reccommended I drink 28 oz each day. (Or approximately 1 litre) 

The first day of the challenge was Day 1 of my summer job. I knew I’d be moving more throughout the day and assumed I would drink more water as a result. I spent the day moving about the office and sipped on water between appointments. I hit my target of 28 oz without difficulty. At this point, I felt energized. 

My Results 

By midweek my energy continued. I felt less tired during the day. My skin looked brighter and clearer, though I kept my skincare routine the same. I did not notice many other changes but knew I kept my body hydrated. The only other big difference was my hunger levels. I did not snack as much throughout the day. I stuck to three main meals, sometimes two. I also found myself reaching for my water bottle more, knowing I had a quota to meet. 

The challenge did provide subtle differences in my water consumption. I am more conscious of the amount of water I drink. I also reaped the benefit of clearer skin. 

How much water do you drink per day? 

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Behind the Blogger: 5 Fun Facts About Erin Angela That You May Not Know (Kittens and Wine Included!)

Hello, lovelies!

For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome! Today I thought it would be fun to write a post featuring fun facts about me. I wrote a similar post when I began my blog. A post featuring 10 fun facts is an entertaining way to introduce myself to you. Here are 10 fun facts about me:

1. Wine and coffee are my two favourite beverages

I have not found a way to combine them, though. If anyone ever has an idea for wine-flavoured coffee, I’m all ears! I drink at least one coffee per day. I mainly drink Starbucks coffee, but I have discovered flavours from local coffee shops I enjoy. I own an expanding collection of cute coffee mugs. I enjoy a good glass of wine, especially white wine + rose wine. Wine is the main alcohol type I drink.

2. I have one year of studies left before becoming a social worker 

Social work is my dream job. I enjoy helping others, and my own life experiences  inspired me to pursue this career path. I’ve wanted to study social work since the age of 13.

3. They say good things come in small packages 

I stand at 4’10” tall. I like to make up for my lack of height with personality and determination. I’m optimistic, cheery, and persistent. I always hear, “good things come in small packages” and like to think that is true about myself.

4. I own two pets – a bright-orange cat and a German Shepherd Husky who is bigger than me 

My cat, Cody, has been a part of the family for 10 years. The dog, Bear, is a recent addition. Bear is approximately 8 months old and he weighs more than I do. I tried to photograph them together, but that is not an easy thing to accomplish.

5. Lipstick is my top beauty essential 

My purse contains at least two tubes of lipstick at all times. I wear lipstick every day. The shades in my collection range from a peachy-nude to purple. I wear red most often, but rotate the shades I wear based on the season. I reach for paler shades during the summer, and richer colours in the winter.




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Meet the Millennial Blogger: How and Why I’ve Grown to View Beauty, Strength, and Positivity in My Physical Disability

Hello lovelies!

Find beauty, strength, and positivity in everything.
If you have followed my blog for a while, you will remember when I wrote this post last fall. I toyed around with the idea of expanding upon the post. I share my story hoping that it will let you get to know me better. I write this post to inspire.
Behind the Blogger
My name is Erin Angela. I’m a blogger from Canada. I have a physical disability, called Cerebral Palsy (CP). CP is a movement disorder that results from brain damage. My diagnosis came at birth. Despite being told I would likely never walk or talk, I thrived. I am now in university, studying social work.
On Beauty
Beauty is more than skin deep. Inner beauty radiates and shines. My disability gifted me with negative and positive views of beauty. Once I entered my teenage years, my scars and imperfections were a source of displeasure. It took time to accept my surgical scars. I slowly grew to love them. I gained true appreciation for them. On the other end of the beauty spectrum, I learned to recognize beauty in the most unlikely of places. I learned to recognize my inner beauty. I learned to recognize my uniqueness.
On Strength
When faced with a challenge or setback, I thrive. Despite difficult recovery periods, I bounced back twice as strong. It is sometimes difficult to find strength within yourself. My strength has served as a way to cope and thrive with my disability.
On Positivity
A positive outlook is essential for living with a disability. I’ve always held a happy-go-lucy, positive attitude. I view my disability as positive: Without a disability, I would not be pursuing a social work career. I would not have encountered many incredible experiences throughout my lifetime. Developing a positive attitude is not easy, though. I became determined to focus on the positive aspects of my disability.
How do you face life challenges? 


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Get To Know Me Tag 




I found this tag on WordPress last week, and decided to share some facts about me for my readers.


  • Name: Erin
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 4’10
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Tattoos/Piercings: Just ear piercings


  • Colour: Pink
  • Season: Summer, absolutely. I’m not a fan of cold weather.
  • Shop: Sephora (and Starbucks)
  • Song: All songs by Ed Sheeran
  • Music Artist: The Weeknd, Tove Lo, Taylor Swift, etc.
  • Bands: The Chainsmokers
  • TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
  • Film: PS I Love You
  • Actor/Actress: Leonardo Dicaprio, always
  • Book: My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult
  • Food: Chicken Parmesan
  • Drink: Coffee


1. What’s the story behind your blog name? 

I devised my title based on my love of lipstick. I wanted to title to reflect this, and included two of my favourite colour spectrums – glitter and gold. The actual placement of the words came to mind one night, and I decided to stick with it!

2. What are your three best and three worst personality traits?

My three best personality traits: I’m conscientious, open, and dedicated. Despite these traits, I tend to be passive, quirky, and timid.

3. Favourite subject in school?

I’m currently completing a Social Work degree. My favourite university courses tend to be social work and psychology. I enjoy learning about the mind and how it works.

4. What are your fears?

I often fear change. I tend to get stuck in my patterns, and change disrupts my internal processes until I become used to it. I fear heights, needles, and surgery (which is ironic considering I’ve had six and love Grey’s Anatomy!)

5. What is the last thing that made you cry?

I spent most of last week fighting a cold, that made me cry as I was feeling underwhelmed and sick.

6. What countries have you been to?

Outside of Canada (where I live!) I’ve traveled to the U.S. twice. Europe is at the top of my Travel To-Do list.

7. What was your dream career when you were little? Has it changed?

Until the age of 13, I desperately wished to become an author. Around that time my dream career path changed to social work. I’ve wanted to become a social worker ever since. I’m fortunately over halfway to completing that journey!

8. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Cozy and trendy. I often wear layers to keep myself warm, so you can find me bundled up in scarves, cardigans, and knit sweaters.

9. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A cat.





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10 Facts About Me: Beauty Edition

Hello, lovelies! Today’s blog post features facts about my makeup routine, and beauty habits.


FACT #1: My main foundation shades are Light/Fair. 

My skin tone is pale. When buying new foundation, I always have my skin colour-matched to the correct shade. I buy the lightest shade available when selecting foundation. My Clinique foundation is the second-lightest shade available.

FACT #2: I’ll try any lipstick colour, and rotate my favourite shades based on the season.

I own varying shades of reds, pinks, nudes, and oranges. With Fall approaching, I gravitate towards darker shades. The main shades I wear during the fall/winter months are deep reds, mauve shades, and browns. In the warmer months I favour brighter shades.

FACT #3: I’m 21, and am only discovering what combination of products work best for my skin.

It may take time to discover which products and steps work best for your skin. I recently discovered the perfect combination for my skin. This happened after a lot of trial and error.

FACT #4: I re-test my Colour IQ at Sephora at least once a year. 

I like to change the coverage of my foundation based on the seasons. I test my Colour IQ yearly, or sometimes once during the winter and once during the summer. This helps me to adjust my foundation shades accordingly.

FACT #5: I moisturize twice a day. 

The anti-blemish pads I use tend to be drying on the skin. I always moisturize before applying any makeup. I recently began moisturizing at night to avoid any dryness after I remove makeup at the end of the day.

FACT #6: I have a list of Top 3 brands that I continually use. 

I bought another Kat Von D (review to come soon!) product this past weekend. I continue to buy KVD products due to the long-wearing formulas. The Tattoo Liner, and Everlasting liquid lipstick, for example don’t flake or feather.

Fact #7: I drink as much water as possible throughout the day.

Yes, I’ll admit that it is sometimes difficult to remember to drink enough water. I drink as much of it as I can throughout the day to keep my skin refreshed and hydrated.

FACT #8: My favourite makeup combination is a red lip with light eyeshadow. 

I always come back to red lipstick. Red lipstick is my favourite bold colour to wear. I rotate the shades of red I own, but this colour is my go-to for adding a pop of colour to my makeup. Red lipstick acts as a versatile base for cream-coloured, gold, or silver/grey eyeshadow.

FACT #9: I co-ordinate my eyeshadow based on the lipstick colour I wear each day. 

I apply lipstick first, then structure the rest of my makeup around that colour. If my lipstick shade is light, I darken my eye makeup. When I wear light eye makeup, I pair it with darker lipstick colours.

FACT #10: I rotate my foundation shades based on the seasons. 

I wear lighter-coverage foundation during humid summer months. During the winter, I opt for a foundation with that has a heavier coverage to conceal blemishes, and to smooth duller, wintery skin.



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Behind the Scenes Blogging Tag

I came across this tag in one of Emily Rose’s posts, and decided to complete these questions on my own blog. Answering these questions was fun, and I hope it lets you get to know me a little more!

Where do you blog?

I am attending university, and have a desk set up where I study during the semester. I do most of my writing and editing in this space. I have the space set up with a calendar, computer, and a cute pencil holder. If I am away from home, I use my phone to draft posts. Keeping my phone on hand is great for anytime inspiration strikes!

Where do you find inspiration for your posts?

I find inspiration from just about anywhere. Ideas for my posts can come from an Instagram photo, a blog I’ve recently read, or an object I saw. I am creative, so most of my post ideas come from my own thoughts.

How long does it take to write a blog post? 

It takes me 1-2 days to write a new post. After writing the post, I spend half a day editing it. Following the editing process, I take photographs for my post during that same day. I publish three posts per week, and like to keep my writing/editing time short between each post.

Do you plan your posts?

Yes. I use a desk calendar to draft a posting schedule. I use a notebook to plan the topics for each post, and to sketch out a general idea of the post. This notebook also contains any research I need to do for a post.

What editing programs do you use?

I sometimes use VSCO to edit my photos. I sometimes add a white border to my photos using an app called Whitagram. These are the only editing apps I use.

Do you use a notebook to track your ideas? 

I use a notebook to plan and date my posts. I like to keep it on hand when inspiration strikes.

Do you take your pictures? 

I do. I think taking your own pictures adds uniqueness to your blog.

Who knows about your blog?

My family and friends, and anyone who follows me on social media.

Are you an organized or messy blogger?

Organized. I plan and draft my posts for each week during the Sunday of that week. Once I’ve written a post, I check it two to three times for any errors. I edit my posts completely before publishing.

Biggest blogging pet peeve?

At the moment, I have none.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any methods of planning a post, or writing a post, that you use? If so, I’d love to hear about them below!