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3 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Highlighter for Your Skintone

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Adding highlighter to your face is transformative. Whether you prefer a cream, powder, or liquid formula, a good highlighter adds dimension and luminescence to your skin. While a range of highlighter products exist, not every product will suit all skin tones. Here are my top tips to help you select a highlighter based on your skin tone:

1. Know your skin’s undertones 

The most flattering highlight shade is one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. You can either choose a color that is harmonious with your skin tone, or one that is the opposite. A harmonious highlight shade will create a more natural look, while an opposite colour will create a dramatic effect.

2. Mix it up

If you just can’t seem to find the perfect shade for you, try mixing highlighter into your foundation. This trick will give the skin a natural, subtle radiance that is not overly sparkly. Blend equal parts of your foundation and highlight before applying it to the skin to achieve a flawless complexion.

3. Try before you buy

A good rule of thumb when buying any highlighter is to try it in-store first. Testing a specific shade before buying it will give you an indication of how the colour will appear on your skin.

Tips and tricks

4 Tips to Effortlessly Apply Eyeshadow

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Applying eyeshadow is one of my favourite steps in my makeup routine. I have a few eyeshadow palettes that I mix-and-match on a daily basis. Working with a new palette or application technique can be daunting. Here are four tips I always come back to when applying eyeshadow!

1. Create a smoky eye using just two eyeshadows 

A smoky eye can involve a more complex routine, but if you’re short on time, it doesn’t have to. Start by creating a base with a neutral eyeshadow colour or liquid concealer to even out the eyelid’s colour. Apply a darker eyeshadow to the crease, then use a rounded brush to blend the colour inward until you reach the middle of your lid.

2. Clean up excess fallout 

Eyeshadow often flakes from the lid onto the lower lash line. You can clean any excess using a makeup remover wipe, or tissue. Another quick trick is to bake your shadow. This involves applying setting powder underneath your eyes, extending to the cheekbones. This quick trick will catch any excess shadow that falls. When your eye makeup is complete, simply brush away the excess powder.

3. Highlight and darken eyeshadow in the right places 

Lighten your eyes by accentuating the brow bone and inner corner of your eyes. I often use a white or other bright shade for this. Highlighting the eyes in the right place masks imperfections and can brighten your entire look.

4. Keep dark eyeshadows to the outer corner 

If you apply eyeshadow too close to the lash line, it can make your eyes appear smaller. Keep base eyeshadow colours light, and work darker shades up into your crease and outer corner to create the appearance of a full, big eye.

Do you have any tips for applying eyeshadow? 

Tips and tricks

3 Easy Tips to Clean Your Beauty Blender Sponge

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I bought a new Beauty Blender sponge last week to replace the one my dog ate. I shared tips earlier this summer about using this sponge, but figuring out how to clean it has been nothing short of challenging. Here are 3 tips I use to clean my Beauty Blender that I hope you can use too!

1. Wash your sponge immediately after use 

I learned the value of this tip after noticing staining on my sponge. Washing your sponge immediately after each use is the best way to maintain it. The less time product remains on the sponge, the less likely it is to leave a stain. Like makeup brushes, washing your Beauty Blender after each use reduces the amount of product buildup on it.

2. Find a cleansing option that works best for you 

Different types of cleansers exist to clean a Beauty Blender. The creators of Beauty Blender developed two cleansers specific for the sponge:

  • Liquid Beautycleanser – Wet your sponge, pour the product onto it, and massage until the water runs clean.
  • Blendercleanse Solid – This cleanser is bar-shaped. To clean your sponge, simply wet it and rub directly onto the bar.

Beauty Blenders can also be cleaned with soap or your favourite face wash. I use soap most often to clean my sponge. This option is more budget-friendly.

3. Pack the sponge correctly 

Storing the sponge correctly will lengthen its lifespan. You should let it dry in an open space after each use, to prevent mould formation. You should also avoid placing the sponge in a coloured bag to prevent colour transfer that could stain the sponge.

How do you clean your makeup sponges? 

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The Best Apps for Bloggers: Social Media, Blogging Platforms, and More

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Between tracking analytics to posting social media updates, accessing specific applications (apps) is key. Universal access lets you blog from wherever you are, whenever you wish. Today I share a look into some of the most popular apps for bloggers. Each of the categories I’ve listed below provides various apps that you can use as a blogger or creative.

Blogging Platform

Downloading the app version of your blogging platform lets you write posts, and respond to comments. Various platforms exist to blog with. I’ve highlighted two of these platforms below:

  • WordPress: WordPress allows me to blog with ease. I use the app to draft blog posts when I’m away from my computer. The “Blog Post” feature lets me draft and publish posts with a few simple clicks. WordPress offers both a free and paid version.
  • Tumblr: I am still navigating Tumblr, but it is an efficient micro-blog. It is a good platform to publish short-form content including photos, quotes, and video.

Social Media 

Like many of you, I use social media regularly. It is useful to connect with other bloggers and creatives.

  • Instagram:  Instagram’s photo platform lets users share insight into their daily lives. For bloggers, this app allows us to post our favourite products and beauty looks. Instagram integrated a Stories feature. My favourite aspect of this feature is the ability to share minute-by-minute updates. These updates provide a raw, unfiltered insight into the user’s daily life.
  • Facebook: I use Facebook to share my blog with family and friends. I’ve expanded my reach through Groups such as Blogging Boost. These groups let me share my content with users worldwide.
  • Pinterest: I joined Pinterest about three months ago, and am still navigating the platform. Pinterest offers an outlet to connect with other bloggers and content inside your niche.

Photo Editing

Creating the perfect photo often requires edits. Many photo editing applications let users crop, brighten, and change their photographs.

  • PS Express: This Adobe program is Flash-based. The app enables users to edit photos on their websites or blogs, or they can upload the photo from their device. Features range from brightening, to blurring.
  • Snapspeed: Snapspeed lets users tune images with Brightness, Contrast, and Blur menus. I used this editor briefly, but found it was not user-friendly.


If you are a blogger or creative, what apps are your favourite? 


Tips and tricks

Tips for Applying Facial Makeup


A variety of methods work well to apply facial makeup, whether it is a brush, a sponge, or your fingertips. Each method results in a different degree of coverage.


After brushing concealer into the areas you wish to cover, pat it into place to allow it to set.


Your skin type should determine what foundation you use. Powders work best with oily skin whereas liquid foundation works best with combination skin. To prevent foundation from drying, dispense it onto the back of your hand and blend into the skin. This is helpful when blending two foundation shades. When applying foundation, the best method is to start in the t-zone and blend outward.


Applying a pressed powder to the face following foundation helps it set on the skin. Powder also helps reduce shine and redness. If using powder on the entire face, a medium-sized makeup brush helps cover each area. For covering specific areas of the skin, a sponge or the fingertips is most effective.