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A Taste of Home: 3 Key Destinations for Foodies in St. John’s 

Hello, lovelies!

Today I thought I’d switch up my blog post and feature some local favourites. I rarely mention my hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland. Newfoundland is a small Canadian province in the middle of the Atlantic. (which happens to be a small Canadian province in the middle of the Atlantic). The warm, sunny weather this weekend inspired me. Today I share my favourite destinations for foodies living in, and visiting, St. John’s.

Newfoundland Chocolate Company

I adore chocolate. The Newfoundland Chocolate Company, founded in 2009, combines delicious chocolate with local flavours. Chocolates are filled with wildberries, seasalt caramel, almonds, and other ingredients. The fresh, handmade chocolates is my chocolate-loving dream. The company crafts a delicious Gelato using many of the same flavours found in their single chocolates. Gelato flavours include vanilla bean, sea salt caramel, and partridgeberry. You’ll find the Newfoundland Chocolate Company in two prime downtown locations – Duckworth Street and Signal Hill.

Bagel Cafe

I frequent Bagel Cafe. The cozy atmosphere offers a slate for hearty breakfast options. I favor the crisp, fluffy Belgain waffles loaded with summer berries. The cafe is located in the heart of the downtown core. It is sandwiched between colourful buildings and ocean views.


Though Starbucks is not local to St. John’s, I placed it on my list. Most of the coffee I drink is bought from one of the Starbucks locations in the city. I enjoy the bright, flavourful blends of the company’s iced coffee, iced tea, and other specialty beverages.

What part of the world are you from? What is your favourite local food destination? Let me know in the comments below! 

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In Celebration of National Rose Day… The 3 Brands of Rose Wine I Adore Drinking Right Now

Hello, lovelies!

Saturday June 10 was National Rose Day. Anyone who knows me will know that I am an avid wine drinker. This will be a short and sweet blog post, as I’ve been stuck in bed with a cold since Friday. To commemorate National Rose Day, I’m sharing my favourite types of rose. *clink!*

Barefoot Bubbly 

Barefoot Bubbly wine is technically a white wine, but the wine holds a bright pink hue. Sparkling wines are crisp. The brand’s White Zinfandel wine is my go-to. I enjoy light, refreshening wine flavours. This bottle contains notes of strawberry and peach. The addition of a bubbly texture gives the wine a crisp, delightful taste. I choose this wine most often due to its light taste (and the bubbles, of course!)


Yellowtail Wine hails from Australia. This wine is prominent during my family’s holiday celebrations, especially Christmas and Easter. Pink Bubbles (I love that name!) is another sparkling wine, but it contains more carbonation. The flavour of this wine is bright. This Yellowtail carries strawberry tasting notes with hints of lemon.

Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose 

This type of wine is a delicious mix between Rose and Moscato.  Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose  is a true summer beverage – tasting notes include fresh summer berries. This wine is created “frizzante” style, meaning it is gently sparkling.

What is your favourite type of wine?






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Colour Correcting 101: What It Is and How to Choose the Perfect Colour for Your Skin

Hello, lovelies!

Colour correcting products are useful to conceal redness, dark spots, and dullness. These products are often concealers. Colour correctors come in a range of shades. Each shade fixes a different problem area.

The core colour correctors are:

  • Green
  • Lilac
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Green – The colour green neutralizes redness. Green colour correctors are perfect to diminish any redness in the face. This colour evens the skintone for makeup application. A green-based spot concealer removes redness. If you have widespread redness, a colour correcting green primer will significantly reduce it.

Lilac – Work best to eliminate any unwanted yellowness in the skin. Any yellowness can make the skin appear dull. If your skin has yellow undertones, a lilac concealer will brighten it.

Pink – Pink concealers work best to eliminate dark spots around the eye area. This colour masks signs of fatigue. A pink concealer is a brightening concealer. This makes a pink concealer ideal to give the skin radiance.

Yellow – Yellow concealers are the most general colour. They are ideal for hiding undereye circles or unwanted veins. Because this is a neutral colour, it acts as a base for foundation or eyeshadow primer.

Orange – Orange concealers work best for darker skin tones. The colour reduces dark spots and discolouration. Orange concealer can also work as a liquid bronzer for contouring. This works great on lighter skin tones.


What is your favourite method of colour-correcting? 

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3 Tips You Can Action Right Now to Use Instagram Stories as a Blogger or Business

Hello, lovelies!

Instagram introduced a Stories feature last August. This feature combines photo and video. Stories contain tools that are useful to help a blogger or business elevate their brand. I use the feature to capture a project I’m working on, share snapshots of my day, and to showcase my latest posts. Here are three tips to help you elevate your blog, brand, or business:

TIP #1 – Share behind the scenes of your latest project
Instagram’s Stories feature is perfect to share your current projects. you have a unique work process, this is a great way to attract potential readers/clients. Sharing your latest project creates interest in the end result.
TIP #2 – Use the “@” mentions feature
This feature is a great way to share content with your friends or favourite brands. When other users click on the “@” they can view the feed of the account you mention. I often use this feature when I am shopping in a certain store, or drinking Starbucks.
TIP #3 – Geotag your stories to increase exposure
If you are travelling to another city/country, geotag your stories. This feature increases your exposure to accounts in your niche. It is ideal for accounts that may not be already following you. Geotagging also lets your followers track your adventures!

Do you use Instagram Stories? What is your favourite aspect of the feature?



Product Reviews

REVIEW: BECCA Glow on the Go Highlighter Set

Hello, lovelies!

While browsing Sephora last month, I noticed this set from BECCA Cosmetics. The kit contains a mini powder compact and liquid highlight in the shade Opal. The colour in this kit is a “golden opal pearl”.

The Packaging 

Both products come together in a cardboard box. The compact has the word “BECCA” stamped on the cover and features a small mirror inside. The liquid highlight is in a tube, like a lipgloss. It has a doe-foot applicator.

The Compact 

The compact version of opal is a pressed powder. It is soft and smooth to the touch. One swipe of the compact dispenses a lot of product onto a brush. I find a light touch or pat works best when applying the product to a finger or brush. The colour is a champagne-gold.

The Liquid Highlight 

I have not tried a liquid highlight before this product. To my delight, it did not feel wet or sticky on the skin. When applied to the skin, the product has a slight cooling effect. It dries down within a few seconds. I blend the liquid highlight into my skin after I apply it to evenly distribute the product. A small amount of product goes a long way.

I like the colour in this set. It will be a perfect option for summer – a subtle, shimmery highlight. The travel-sized kit is ideal. Other highlighters I own are full-sized, and are more difficult to pack into my makeup kit.

This kit retails for $20 at Sephora

Have you tried BECCA products before? Thoughts? 






Product Reviews

REVIEW: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

Hello, lovelies!

I received a sample of Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer during a Sephora trip. This moisturizer is a lightweight gel that is water based. It hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid and Tarte’s exclusive antioxidant complex.
The Packaging
The container features a metallic gold cover. Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea products come in whimsical packages. The packages feature blue, purple, and aqua designs. This design is fun and pleasing to the eye. Each sample-sized jar is lightweight.
The Product
This moisturizer is a cooling gel. It absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. The gel has a thick texture. When I first tested this product, I was unsure of how it would feel on my skin. When I began using the moisturizer it felt mildly sticky . Once the product adjusts to your skin type this feeling disappears. To my surprise, it did not leave a residue and dried within a second. I enjoy the light lavender scent. It offers a light hydration to prime the skin for makeup. The moisturizer contains water and sea-salt extracts to replenish moisture in the skin. It does not contain parabens. It is also hyperallergenic.
How to use it 
Apply to cleansed skin 1-2 times per day. I apply it once in the morning. It is also suitable to use in the morning and night. My skin is drier. I like to use it twice per day to replenish lost moisture.
The full-sized jar retails for $47 at Sephora. This moisturizer is also available as a sample.
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Meet the Millennial Blogger: How and Why I’ve Grown to View Beauty, Strength, and Positivity in My Physical Disability

Hello lovelies!

Find beauty, strength, and positivity in everything.
If you have followed my blog for a while, you will remember when I wrote this post last fall. I toyed around with the idea of expanding upon the post. I share my story hoping that it will let you get to know me better. I write this post to inspire.
Behind the Blogger
My name is Erin Angela. I’m a blogger from Canada. I have a physical disability, called Cerebral Palsy (CP). CP is a movement disorder that results from brain damage. My diagnosis came at birth. Despite being told I would likely never walk or talk, I thrived. I am now in university, studying social work.
On Beauty
Beauty is more than skin deep. Inner beauty radiates and shines. My disability gifted me with negative and positive views of beauty. Once I entered my teenage years, my scars and imperfections were a source of displeasure. It took time to accept my surgical scars. I slowly grew to love them. I gained true appreciation for them. On the other end of the beauty spectrum, I learned to recognize beauty in the most unlikely of places. I learned to recognize my inner beauty. I learned to recognize my uniqueness.
On Strength
When faced with a challenge or setback, I thrive. Despite difficult recovery periods, I bounced back twice as strong. It is sometimes difficult to find strength within yourself. My strength has served as a way to cope and thrive with my disability.
On Positivity
A positive outlook is essential for living with a disability. I’ve always held a happy-go-lucy, positive attitude. I view my disability as positive: Without a disability, I would not be pursuing a social work career. I would not have encountered many incredible experiences throughout my lifetime. Developing a positive attitude is not easy, though. I became determined to focus on the positive aspects of my disability.
How do you face life challenges?